National Football League 2019


Harte in post match interview said pitch was narrowed at the request of tg4.


Jesus that was depressing.

It’s one thing taking a trimming from dublin…but not at home to Mayo.

Actually think Tyrone look tired this past 2 games. You wonder if the mad training and taking the McK cup so serious is a negative thing.

And no top forwards. McCurry’s confidence went after missing a few handy ones. Mayo were quicker and far better in defense.

Monaghan will me mad after the points too.

Was saying to the wife that by the time of the Dublin game…it could be a tanking. Still you live in hope and CP is the highlight of the league.

I’m away to look for cracks in the pavement.


Delighted for Mayo. At least they come to play ball. I fear no Tyrone team managed by Mickey Whiskers. They come to defend, full of fear. They will never defend their way past Dublin.


Shocker for Monaghan? I would have thought there was nothing left to shock after they where beaten by fermanagh in the Ulster championship last year. Why is it worrying for us though?


Last year I had my doubts that Tyrone were really the second best team.

Because no Mayo and no Kerry on the way to the AI. final.

Having been beaten by both this past few games…it helps reinforce those doubts.

If there is a positive…it’s that there could be some tasty c’ship games later. If Kerry beat Dublin…the hype will be mental.


Mayo playing good football in fairness to them and have the same amount of wins now than they did at the end of the league last year.

Scoring 2-13 this time of the year in Omagh is decent.


Just watched mayo here on tg4.Tyrone very poor .The whooping and haha a from the commentators was very noticable when mayo scored or Moran got on the ball.THE LOVE IN CONTINUES


Well they beat us! Anyway we’ll see what will be when the league settles. All teams allowed one off day and the new rules have unsettled things more than usual


But strangely enough you never identified that there was really any talent coming through either as far as I remember or maybe we might have heard of Tracey etc.


To be honest I’d not be worried about that lost though I would be against the animals. Important we knock the wind outta their sail.


Very good win, just finished watching the delayed coverage on TG4.
Similar to how the game went for Dublin against your noisy neighbours, Tyrone like Galway seemed to tire very quickly in the second half which may have skewed the result a bit.
Looks like Mayo and Kerry are well up for the league this year, which can only be good thing for the competition.


Ah here. There is eff all for us to be worried about. (For now.) T’was January. It was our first game back. And a mere 2 weeks previous, the lads were all quaffing pina coladas on Miami Beach. Plus, we were missing a good few key players. Let’s not sound the alarm bells until a bit later in the year. Like say… March? :roll_eyes:


Fair play to Mayo. They seem to be taking the league a bit more seriously this year. The connacht championship looks like its going be very competitive.

Tyrone’s finishing was desperate. They’ve a tough league ahead of them with us and their neighbours still to come.


Tyrone have huge potential but are hampered by the fearful mentality of their manager. He simply has to go.


More chance of Rees Mogg declaring himself a remainer


I’ve dropped names here before I know I have. Anyway not getting carried away but encouraging so far. Cavan at home next is a very winnable game and your looking safe then and he can continue to play the young lads. Will be interesting to see how they fare in Croke Park v the dubs for example.


I’m sure you were lamenting the fact there wasn’t enough talent. Maybe you weren’t. Not really that arsed to be honest.


Two poor showings by Tyrone so far @upthedall Only 7 points last week and then conceding big against a Mayo side usually eeking it’s way through the league.


There is also the fact that you made the final last year. This means that you are later back training than most teams. You can see it in how we and Mayo have tended to start the leagues over the last few years.


Yes and no.

Up to the semi last year…Tyrone were averaging +20 pts per game.

In the last 3 years: 2 Ulsters and a QF, SF and Final. Any other side in Ulster would give their arm for that.

But watching them at times is brutal and predictable.

But even his critics here are saying there’s no top forward or free taker. It’s a limited enough side.