National Football League 2019


Roscommon 6-4 up at ht v Monaghan.


Only one point from play for Kerry in 1st half


Aido scores a point! :clap:

Kerry winning 15-12 almost ft. Cavan with one point in the second half …


Great stuff aido all star nearly in the bag now


Tyrone getting their arses handed to them in Omagh by Mayo - 2-13 to 0-09. Roscommon just scored a peno and lead 1-10 to 0-11 in 33rd minute


Watching football after hurling is painful.


Good starts for Horan and keane. Hopefully we can go down next week to Tralee and burst their balloon.


Win for the Rossies. Fair fcuks. Cunningham really seems to have tightened up their defense.

But Jesus Christ, Bernard Flynn doesn’t half talk some serious shyte when he’s on co comm. :roll_eyes:


12 points for Sean O’Shea. Surprised Monaghan lost. Kerry and Mayo the teams to beat this year. It’ll be some All Ireland final between the two.


With his foot?


Div 1
Dublin 1-15 v 0-07 Galway
Cavan 0-13 v 0-16 Kerry
Roscommon 1-12 v 0-13 Monaghan
Tyrone 0-10 v 2-13 Mayo

Div 2
Cork 0-10 v 1-10 Kildare
Donegal 1-13 v 0-14 Meath
Tipperary 2-05 v 2-05 Fermanagh
Armagh 1-13 v 2-10 Clare

Div 3
Laois 1-09 v 3-08 Louth
Longford 1-06 v 0-09 Offaly
Sligo 1-10 v 1-12 Down
Westmeath 1-10 v 2-07 Carlow

Div 4
Limerick 1-13 v 0-10 Waterford
Wexford 1-10 v 0-09 Antrim
Derry 0-19 v 1-09 London
Wicklow 1-12 v 1-16 Leitrim


Great win for us up in Omagh. New youngsters showing well. Fionn McDonagh very good today.

Not bad for an “old” team with no talent coming through or so everyone outside the county keeps telling us.


It is with great regret that I must inform you that the Tyrone twitter was wrong - Fionn McDonagh scored the first point of the second half (and 1-02 as well) - while Aido scored … nothing.


You were saying the same yourself last year?


No @mayoman I have to pull you up there - the difference is those lads were given a game today. I never heard of McDonagh or Treacy before. You are still playing Andy, Vaughan and Aido though. Aido outscored today by both goalies and two of the Mayo backs.


That’s about right.


We know how good McDonagh and Tracey are though. It’s ridiculous for people outside Mayo to say we are finished cause we have no players coming through…as if they know Mayo football better than us? Horan can be faulted for giving these lads their chance.


I never said we had no talent to come through.


The point is I have never seen these lads given a chance until today. None of them got a start last week. How can we tell Mayo have players coming through until they get a game. And one swallow does not a summer make. Impressive today fair play but let’s see how they progress and best of luck to them.

Incidentally while Higgins scored a good goal he took at least 8 steps before he even looked to bounce the ball and at least another 10 before he shot … ridiculous really. Reape last week was similar.


Impressive from Mayo. Good comeback by Kerry, Cavan are going backwards. Shocker for Monaghan (bit worrying for us!) but well done Ros, have started the league really well in terms of performances and one result after being written off.