National Football League 2017


Your right it was actually Michael Plunkett that came on that day.


Wexford hammered out the gate again by Westmeath. Banty should be getting P45 then again Wexford County Board were daft enough to select him as manager.


Not a fan meself but he got them promoted Stato …


I wonder if having taken their foot off the gas since securing promotion made it hard to turn it back on. The way they played today I wouldn’t be shocked if Carlow bet them.


Tipp manager Liam Kearns(also a kerryman) played a blinder during calling out Louth as a cynical team. Worked a treat as referee giving Tipperary everything and letting them away with tactical fouling throughout the game. Think we will be in for similar treatment tomorrow.


Jesus, c’mon Banty… Get your shït together!


What’s the craic with ex sylvesters forward and Wexford full forward Shane Roche playing in goal for Wexford now :thinking:


He played in goal last year too. Kickouts were poor and mad a bags of Westmeath goal at the end



Anyone paying attention knows Kerry have gone very cynical.


The same people that threw petrol on the notion of a Dublin media campaign are now presenting factual evidence of what people were simply pointing out …


The Yerras will say their black cards were mainly without merit, all they want is consistency, same treatment as Dublin , Kerry not cynical at all at all …yawn


This is complete about turn from nonsense he wrote before league final. When I wrote to him after that article main point I made was re complete lack of balance in his article. That’s the least you’d expect from someone who considers himself serious sports journalist. Pity he didn’t make any effort to get his facts together first time around. This makes his article couple of weeks back look very amateur.

On positive note however he does show that EF was talking load of b0llox before league final.


Theres a 12 week ban for McGeeney for abusing an official.