National Football League 2017


Lads who do ye see as the biggest threat to winning three in a row? Kerry, Mayo, Donegal, Tyrone?


Kerry / Mayo and the Death Star.


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Lads who do ye see as the biggest threat to winning three in a row? Kerry, Mayo, Donegal, Tyrone?
[/quote]I genuinely don’t see Tyrone as a threat come summer, they can match us earlier in the year but far too limited as a forward unit to take us on in Croker in August/September.

Kerry & Mayo for me with Donegal/Monaghan being potential dark horses.


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Monaghan for me after Kerry/Mayo.


All of them are a threat including Monaghan. Kerry and Mayo would be ahead of the other three in my view but Kerry ahead of Mayo due to Mayo’s issues with beating Kerry in Croke Park.


IF all goes to plan it will be Kerry v Mayo semi final on the opposite side to Dublin. Now there is alot of football to be played yet. Galway’s tails are up and assuming we beat Sligo and get to play them I know they want revenge for the hammerings we have dished out to them on their home patch the last few years.
Connacht will be very competitive this year.


At the moment I am expecting a Mayo Dublin Final, but I think Mayo need to go the direct route and Galway are a potential banana skin. I feel Monaghan will be our rival in the semis, but like you say a lot of games to go before that.


I think we need the direct route too. I wouldn’t write us off if we loose to Galway but for a team while not old but with alot of mileage we need less games. We got lucky last year with the draws we got.


Your League campaign makes no sense to me at all Mayoman. Seemed fairly rudderless at best but surely a chance to blood a good few U21s gone west - pardon the expression ,


Monaghan have to prove they can do it against the better sides in Croke Park. Thats easier said than done for a team hoping to break into new territory.

They have more strings to their bow now but putting up winning scores may still hurt them. Of the better Ulster sides Donegal are still best in that department in my view but they are weaker in other areas than Monaghan.

I still get the sense Ulster is a dogfight. Nothing new there but there has been a perceptible gap between the Ulster elite and Dublin Kerry and Mayo in recent years. If Monaghan are ready to bridge that id expect to see a positive Ulster campaign.

But saying that I was reminded by another poster a while back that Tyrone did much of their best work through the qualifiers so the above could be easily garbage.


Fergal Boland was blooded. Conor Loftus not so much. Brain Reape was injured. Matthew Ruane came on v Kerry. I can only assume decisions are taken at training.
One thing I can’t get my head around is Andy Moran playing every game. At his age, rest is surly the best medicine at this time of year. Then again maybe the talent just is not there. We do not have the strength in depth Dublin have to be able experiment.

This particular Mayo team have never really had a great league…doing just enough to survive. In the next month the team will be able to train twice a week together and ramp up for championship. Up to now the team has trained just once a week together.


But ye won the All Ireland U21 MM?!?! There must be a few more at least worth a run - if only to get experience and as you say give the likes of Andy Moran a rest. Lee Keegan too was back a fortnight after winning the All Ireland Club Inter. You see on this site all the time fellas talking about Dublin players not getting enough rest and looking tired - but as you say some Mayo lads are getting little or none - and they are not spring chickens.

On another note at least the Croke Park final hoodoo is well and truly broken with Westport and then Ballinrobe last weekend!


a couple rows in Mayo/Donegal game. Michael Murphy very lucky to stay on.


Yet again …


Watch around 8 minutes Murphy nearly takes the head off DOC. Murphy seems a frustrated player and is gonna cause a serious injury his closed fist tackles


I’ve never understood the free pass he seems to get.


Donegal lad has a kick just after it


He didn’t come on in any game, strangely enough because he looked the real deal against us and cork in the final. In my eyes Rochford has given a fair few a chance and not many impressing. Conor loftus was poor against Cavan and hasn’t featured since I think. Boland started every game and seemed to get worse as the league progressed after starting very well. Coen & O Connor Jnr already regulars. Irwin not given that much game time but probably not up to it yet.

JG probably did show more faith to his new youngsters as there were tough days for Scully and others but he persisted with them - best idea!


The closed fist on Fenton was a disgrace last year. He’s getting away with this for years. He stuck his knees into Connolly as he was on the ground in 2014 semi final moments before their 1st goal and not even booked for incident.


He is on the same big ticket as AOS… big strapping lad that butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths. Lucky he didn’t break Fentons jaw last year.