National Football League 2017


I don’t like him at all. And I don’t know how any Dub can have anytime for him tbh. The way he conducted himself with the Philly ‘headbutt’ incident and how he continued to say he was headbutted despite all the camera evidence proving him to be nothing more than a lying cheat. Not to mention what he done against Fermanagh. It’s hypocritical for some to give Donaghy the stick they do while giving this charlatan a free ride. Just because he’s irrelevant in big games doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions. Some likeable lads on that Mayo side but him, no. Give me Donaghy any day


Don’t hate Aido but I severely dislike COC. He is a sneaky fucker. No problems with anyone else fir that matter on the mayo team. Keegan went up in my view on his interviews after he won POTY.


Don’t hate him either at all - he is one of the characters of the game. But I would disagree with you Mayoman on his part /role with this Mayo team. In the white heat of C’ship battle he is holding ye back IMO.


He would be great as an impact sub in my view. He goes missing too much in big games primarily down to the possibility he is nackered.

That’s not all his fault. His physique can be used to great effect but imo Mayo have as yet to recognise his limitations in terms of selection.


Could never hate Aido… where would we be without his diaries?


Surprisingly enough people outside of Dublin seem to put Connolly in this bracket as well . Difference is DC has 4 all Ireland’s in his back pocket & becomes exempt from it . Now I don’t think DC is overhyped . He is without question the most skillful player in the country . Yet people from the outside state he must score 5 to 6 points a game to justify how we feel about him . There are numerous examples where he has had a huge effect on the game . I’d go back to the '11 final even where he held onto the ball in a very difficult position with Kerry players hanging out of him. He could easily have lost the ball but he lays it off to Kev who wins the free , rest is history . '13 semi , he gets the insurance point as well as scoring some great points . Without him we don’t win the final last year considering he is the only guy who seems to be able to score a peno . Aido has , IMO , not done enough to justify anything that is said about him . When they win an AI that talk might go away but I’d be giving Leeroy & others more credit than I’d give to him in any of their big games to date .


Connolly is a brilliant tackler, also. Wins more than his fair share of turnovers.


The bigger the game the more the likes on Connolly and Kilkenny play deep, probably as a control measure to orchestrate and set up attacks and to control the kickout. I wouldn’t look into Connollys scoring until the time comes he is closer to goal. Kilkenny certainly isn’t a forward anymore, not in an orthodox sense anyway.

If I was to highlight an area where the above two need to improve from a scoring sense its missing the easy ones. Connolly scored one of the best pressure scores I’ve ever seen last year v Kerry but leading up to that he missed a couple of straightforward ones that could have cost us. So in thsr sense i completely agree with your point about revisionism.


That’s the curse of been DC . You almost always expect him to score yet he can have some terrible attempts as well . We’ll always remember the great ones though . I think @25AliveOh mentioned last year that he was waiting for DC to have this one standout game where he plays a blinder . That is yet to happen but it could like his Tyrone game in '11 . But you give me a choice of who I’d have , DC or Aido . There’s absolutely no question who I’d want when the game is in the melting pot . Connolly has delivered when we needed him .And he certainly doesn’t shirk responsibility & go hiding like Aido . He backed himself to score that free from the sideline in the first AI final last year . That takes a lot of balls considering what was at stake . He misses it , the fans curse him from a height . Does that effect him in the replay . He scores an incredible point off his left .Then on the resulting kick out , whatever way you want to paint it , he’s involved in a tackle which gets Mayos best player an early shower. Leeroy doesn’t get sent off , we don’t know how the game pans out . Then a penalty in a ridiculously pressurized moment in the game . Puts it away perfectly , we don’t score that , maybe we don’t win . But again , he backed himself . He must be one of the ballsiest players on the Dublin panel . He doesn’t give a ■■■■ what people think & gets on with it .For that , he will go down as legend .




It’s clear his physique does not allow him to play that hard 70 mins in Croke Park. I think “going missing” is a bit unfair. Add to the fact he is always double and sometimes triple marked. He has yet to stand out in a final or even a semi but 26 I’d be hoping he can someday.

He would not be in my top 3 favourite players on this Mayo team but he has a vital role if used correctly. He came on yesterday and aside from the two Donegal men on front of me who lost their heads and proceed to call the lad every name under the sun…the entire Donegal team lost their heads.


Also I shouldn’t have used the word “hate”. Dislike maybe. I dislike a few players from other counties…I can see why people would dislike AOS or two or three other Mayo players. If you don’t know someone personally then you can’t really hate them.


well i don’t know donaghy and by jaysus I hate that lad! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Aido probably got hyped up to quickly by the media and that in itself can be a hinderance. But your right his size and physique won’t have him running around a pitch like a gazelle but I have always though an edge of the square with decent supplies might make him more effective.

Btw do you ever read his alter ego diary on here? If so what do you make of it?


O Shea is a pox, end of. His constant diving and attempts to con the officials drives me up the wall during games.

But I love having him on the pitch against us, because he never makes an impact.


8 years playing senior ? This is his claim to fame , thanks to the good folks at Wikipedia :joy:

“In 2013, his man-of-the-match display drove Mayo to a 16-point victory in a rematch against 2012 conquerors Donegal at the All-Ireland quarter-final stage.[4] He was afterwards refused entry at one of Dublin’s biggest nightclubs.[5][6] He was awarded the GAA’s Player of the Month for August.”

Reckon there must have been at least two or three bouncers on the door that night :smile:


it was a miracle in the end, considering that, plus how they had to play so many games in a row thanks to the pointless postponement. one of the team is in our primary school, lucky he is so young.


edit - before its asked, he’s a student teacher not a pupil lol




He prolly just wanted his picture taken with the replica of Sam they have in there.


Thats the only thing i dont like about him, the whole philly headbutt hing was very deceitful. A big man like that diving is not a pretty sight.