National Football League 2017


Neither is Aidos inside the 45


Wonder what kind of welcome Cormac Reilly is going to receive in Castlebar today?


Castlebar throw in delayed by 15 mins. Are they trying to coax Reilly out of the boot of his car?


No they are just waiting for Aidos hair stylist to finish.


Looks like Dublin Kerry final


That’s a sick one for Armagh, Rufus.


Antrim relegated to Div 4 after Longford scored an equalizing point in the 7min of injury time that keeps them up instead


How much longer can geezer justify his position
Massive , massive win for Tipp


Utterly sick to the pit of my stomach, but ultimately no real surprise. Yet again we have raised the bar for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Gutted.


A veritable King Midas in reverse.

Everything he touches turns to shite.


The usual will be trotted out:

  • In year 3 of a 5 year plan. Be patient. Yada yada yada
  • Don’t have the players
  • Might have the players, but they are very young & inexperienced and need more time
  • He’s an Armagh legend, so shouldn’t be held to the same standards as other managers
  • AN Other

Take your pick really.

Commiserations Rufus…not having a go, but considering what some other managers have to put up with in just their first or second years…


5 Leinster, 2 Munster and one Connacht team in the Divisional finals. I’d say it’s a long time since no Ulster team featured - if ever.


Yea - [quote=“Dub09, post:739, topic:1067, full:true”]
5 Leinster, 2 Munster and one Connacht team in the Divisional finals. I’d say it’s a long time since no Ulster team featured - if ever.

Yea a bad league for ulster teams, None promoted or in a final, as you say, and 4 of them relegated to the next division. You wonder if some of the better ones take their eye of the league and start thinking about their Ulster Championship

Good league for Leinster teams


For a good bit of the second half we were looking at a Donegal Monaghan final. Just shows you … Tyrone led most of the season and finished 6th.


I really thought Tyrone would be in the final with two games to play.


But the final is only ever one game?


Just my thought’s on yesterday:

A nervous game for Mayo ended with us securing our division 1 status for a 21st year with a 2 point win over Donegal. Truth be told the game was played at training session intensity with Donegal giving us the run around. At half time I thought we were done for and would be hoping for a Roscommon win (which they did).

The introduction or Aidan O Se, Keith Higgins being deployed into an attacking role and pushing up on the Donegal kick out’s were the three reasons we won in the end. Donegal lost their heads and tried to provoke O’Se who’s first action was to rip the ball from Murphy and then minutes later drill through 4/5 Donegal players. The crowd volume increased and there was only going to be one winner.

So we survive but it is a case of not having unearthed a new forward which is what I looked for. Young Boland has showed well but I think he is another year or two away from making a championship impact. The two O’Connor’s form is worrying. Diarmuid looks out of sorts for months now and Cillian is missing easy free’s.

One thing is for sure and I know ye hate him here but Aidan O Se is vital to Mayo. Without him we lack power and ball winning/turnover ability. He also attracts attention which frees up space elsewhere.

Our neighbours in Galway have their tails up with promotion. As for Dublin, ye never know when ye are beaten. Great great team I have to say. Brogan took his goal very well. Thin ye will beat the purists next weekend.


We dont hate him, We are only jealous of his manly hair, his social media presence and his graceful legends off the falls.


Don’t hate The Aidster at all, always one of the players I watch for in games, sometimes brilliant, sometimes brutal, bit of controversy etc. Mockery is handed out at times because like all ‘star forwards’ who rarely perform heroics in the biggest championship games, it’s par for the course. Used to happen a lot to Vinnie Murphy, for example.

And like Aido et al, there were times before, will be again, when some Dublin players seemed to have become bigger than the team. And many of us were blind to it. Its not unusual, and id applaud the Aidster if he knuckled down and put a great summer in, all the way, with no nonsense.


Don’t hate him at all. He just goes missing in too many big games (AI finals & semi finals mainly) for him to warrant all the hype about him. He puts himself out a bit (as he is perfectly entitled to do) which results in all the slagging imo. Don’t believe that anyone really “hates” him. Why on earth should we? Now Leeroy…that’s another kettle of fish entirely. :grin: