National Football League 2017


I meant from a physicality perspective , Mayo certainly didn’t like it up them Saturday night .


Bring it on, they gave us the best game we got in the league last year, unlucky to lose but for a piece of brilliance by BB. But generally we have had their measure, they are limited


Speaking to a good few Mayo fans in the aftermath of the Monaghan game and I said that they needed to step it up v Kerry or they haven’t a hope of finishing in the top two. I genuinely think if they are to get to the Promised Land that they need to be competing for overall NFL honours but they disagreed with me and said that they would use the league to blood new players (which I also acknowledged has its benefits).

What does everyone else here think?


I think the league has served us well, I just think winning is a habit and creates ambition and hunger, I think it is all very fine experimenting, but if you are getting beaten, it is hard to know how the experiment is working and also it certainly does not do the rookie’s confidence a lot of good.
I know teams have also done well without going well in the league, but sometimes, especially in Kerry’s case it was more a case of resting players rather than experimenting because when the champo came round the older lads came back in.


Find a reliable forward from somewhere during the league . They got away with it last year til they met us in the AI final . Though winning a league final would be a huge psychological lift for them . Personally believe that has been a big problem for them over the years.No problems putting away teams in semis but on the big stage can’t get it done .


I thought last year was the perfect recipe for them having not had to put in a massive performance in the semi final against tipp. One big game in the year on the back of going under the radar through the qualifiers. They really do need an extra forward. Defensively they did a good job against us in the 2 games but can’t kick on up front


The backdoor system in the All-Ireland series means that the do-or-die element of the provincial championships has gone and these competitions have become secondary in both importance and usefulness to most counties. The league, whilst great at giving the opportunity to blood new players, provides a much more cut-throat, competitive structure of games in the top division and Dublin’s unprecedented success in winning All-Irelands in recent years is not purely coincidental with Dublin’s record in the NFL over the last 7 or 8 years. Counties ignoring the importance of the league do so at the peril. This has been especially so since the league was moved entirely into the spring of each year, having no games played in October and November.


I could be wrong, but I get the feeling that counties are fielding stronger teams in the league now than they were a few years ago, something which has made the games much more competitive.


Most league games are more competitive & thus more enjoyable to watch than the championship . You get better matchups than the provincial championship. Even the quarter finals are a chore at this stage . A champions league format would be much better than what we have now .


Well we are certainly creating debate in here among the Dubs fans…feeling the love lads :slight_smile:

Staying in division 1 and unearthing a player or two (a forward) is all I am looking for. From my sources the number of training sessions the Mayo panel have had so far this spring is very low and you could see Monaghan has the legs when going for the 50/50 balls.

A poor display by Mayo but nothing to panic about just yet. We did loose our first three league games last year after all.

As for people who say Mayo should copy the Dubs win the league and use that as a springboard…well we are not Dublin.

Dublin for me have enough quality to win the league in third gear. Young players seem to be able to slot in seamlessly to the team. We in Mayo don’t have that luxury due to not having the quality Dublin have.

Also this Mayo team are on the road since 2011 and alot of millage on the road. Pace yourselves for the long road is what I think is being done right now.

Mr.Spillane wrote us off on Sunday night which I disagree with but one thing I do agree with is the lack of any sort of attacking plan. Maybe we will see it as the year progresses.


Mayoman - were the Mayo squad away again last week in Dubai or thereabouts - and no managerment with them?


pretty sure Cillian and AOS were there


No I doubt it as they played Donegal in a challenge last weekend. The team holiday was in South Africa just after Christmas.


Mayo’s situation is sort of unique, last year showed they could come off a basis of a mediocre league, poor defeat to Galway, look like muck in qualifiers, and still come so close to winning Sam. One of the all-time most successful teams only bet them by a point after 2 games.

Their focus is entirely on the last 3, maybe 2 games of the summer, nothing else. They are probably 2nd best team in the country because of Kerrys transition. Tyrone remain unproven. So they believe they will reach the final yet again. They have lost so many major games, most narrowly, or after replays in the last few years that there is nothing else left. They are gone beyond the league being anything more than treading water, maybe trying out some tactics, and the qualifiers to some extent.

They have rebuilt their defensive structure successfully, apart from the calamity of the goalkeepers in the replay. They believe they need another couple of scores against the best team they have to meet. Or else for Dublin to bomb on a given day. They would probably have won Sam last year but for 2 of the most freakish goals ever seen in a major game, on a day when everything else went right for them. Perhaps there is really a curse.

There was a time when a league win may have layed a foundation for them but possibly not either, due to their generally poor handling of hype/media over the years.


Aye but I heard they were away again since.


They would not have been away as a group anyway. Maybe one or two injured/unavailable players were away but as I said, I have not heard.


I can understand their mindset using the league, not necessarily to do well but to work on a system and uncover the odd player. Ditto the Connaught championship though therir management may be a little bit hungrier for that this year having won nothing last year. .

I still think they need to learn to win tight games the right way and the league is usually a good way to do that. Yes they beat Tyrone last year ( the only big tight game they have won in 4-5 years) but it was almost by default at the end as Tyrone with a man down kicked 3 chances away that were handed to them by Mayo.


So it was just management then?


Agree about the Tyrone game. In truth they had the luckiest run to an All I Final since Dublin in 92


Apologies MM - crossed wires by my embedded source. It was the SA trip. His geography isn’t great after Charlestown …