National Football League 2017


Becoming a bit of mouthy individual now since he’s retired . Think he has a beef with Wooly too , no harm there .


Another fine performance by Conor McManus and again another game in Cashelbaar with plenty of off the ball niggly shite. This Mayo team see this as the way in all games at the moment but of course they can always blame the dirty Northies. Clarke in goal for them looked like their best player.


Ah the old self proclaimed best supporter routine, i taut that was the reserve of Munster rugby/Irish soccer fans


Mayo maybe are more of a championship side but they lose a lot of tight league games which doesnt bode well for tight championship games -

Not sure what will happen this year but we won a lot of tight league games the last two years


Can’t stand them . . I hope they don’t win any games this year


Kerry looked good against a very inexperienced Donegal side but they nearly let it slip away by taking their foot off the pedal with 15 to play.

Mayo off to Kerry next weekend, defeat would probably mean kissing goodbye to a top 2 placing which you think they would target this year


Just watching the highlights now. That second goal by Geaney was a cracker. He is a class act


Pat Spillane handing out trophies and writing off teams for the year after one game …


kerry must be gunning for a good league, usually start off very sluggish.


If there was a transfer market I’d want Conor McManus , What a player !


Toss up between McManus and Meath’s Micky Burke for me …


Seanie J didn`t look bad today, Kildare must be wondering why they bought him as a hurler:laughing:


They certainly looked up for it from the highlights, but at the same time Donegal were unrecognisable from the last five seasons. Extremely loose on their men in defence and leaving big empty gaps in their own half. Listening to Martin McHugh on the radio on the drive home he was pretty much conceding that Donegal are likely to go down.

Based on this weekend (and of course things could quickly change) it looks like it’s a battle between Cavan, Donegal and Roscommon as to who goes down.


Did Horan highlight any of Mayo indiscipline?


Horan is a joke on the tele. Remember him playing down Murphys punch on Fenton?


Who the fook took that time to put that music to that handbags!


And maybe we could add Scully soon - that first point yesterday was a thing of beauty…


'Twas gorgeous


Looking at highlights of the Mayo match , Monaghan looked to set down a marker . We’ll not have it easy playing them up there when the fixture comes around .


Watched the entire game. Monaghan are poor. Mayo were just worse. It was a very bad standard