National Football League 2017


Doesn’t take much to knock Cillian O’Connor over does it?


It never did.

Two pts in 26 mintues from The Peoples Champions.

Monaghan really should be ahead by more. They may regret those 4 wides yet.


Very poor from both teams truth being told. Mayo look every bit like a team that hasn’t been together since October. Very leggy


HT Mayo up by a point. Typical early season fare. Switching over to Laois Louth for second half. Louth down to 14 men but 5 points up at HT


Very jealous of all you lucky bastards who don’t get Eir Sports. We poor unfortunates that do, have to listen to Kieran Donaghy reading excerpts from his buke in the ad breaks. :unamused:


Switch over to Senan on 1 :sunglasses:


Nice to see Marc O’Se get the commentary gig with Eir Sports tonight & do a stint with Matt Cooper last night. Lord knows we don’t hear enough from them O’Se lads. :smirk:


Utterly delectable goal for Monaghan, beautifully created by McManus for Hughes.


Monaghan point being booed there. Any particular reason or are the yokels in Castlebar just being dicks


We boo plenty …

Nearly 11,000 in Cbar - that’s impressive in fairness.

Tomas O Se was on Seo Spoirt t’other night too.


No sign of a moon boot warming up?


There is a fair bit of off the ball, niggly stuff going on. The crowd are booing it going unpunished. Coz everyone knows their own shower of gentle wee lambs, never start anything.


Mayo Gaa twitter tells us Cillian scored a point from an impossible angle. Must be the possible angles he has the trouble with …


Kicking off again


All over. 2 pt win for Monaghan. Absolute belter of an insurance pt from McManus at the end. Dare I even say Dermo-esque? V impressive by Monaghan. Really put it up to Mayo, especially in the second half. Mayo scuppered their own chances by being so slow to get going. Only scored 2 pts in the first 25 minutes. Monaghan wides kept them in it.


The Peoples Champions beaten :grin:


Well it is up and running, first points to the Farney men, good win in Mayo, listened to a bit, Jaysus Maughan is some plonker:laughing: Didn`t see the starting line ups, but got the feeling both were fairly strong.


Not really a 3rd choice midfield for mayo


Horan on Eir Sport banging on about Monaghan having " a discipline problem".

Is that Mayo speak for “our lads got bullied off the pitch, by the dirty Northern scuts & all of Cillian’s play acting wasn’t enough to con the ref for once” then?


Was only half listening and heard a good few familiar names, but as I said , did’t see the team sheet, think it might have been left on a bus:laughing: Still bad start for Mayo. All three games tonight away wins.