National Football League 2017


Tyrone haven’t won a cjampionship game against a top 3 side since Cork overpowered them in the 2009 semi-final, and Dublin initiated the plan of holding position, withdrawing half-forwards, and taking short kickouts in 2010.

Since their improvement post-transition over the last 4 years they have come up narrowly short of every top side they have played in championship, and nearly every top side in league. I think one of the other issues for them has been lack of physicality, they are a smaller team than Dublin and Mayo, and even than Kerry I think, especially in the forwards.
Where in the past they used pace and movement along with the swarming, none of these things are as good as the other top sides in the last few years, or at least, they can break even with the swarming, and tackling, and defending when not chasing down a deficit


You can bate a drum, eggs and the clock but you can’t bate Stato …


Haha my bad


So much for my prediction of a tipp win against Louth lol

There was an interesting letter in the tipp star last week from a lad who went to the reorganised Longford game in semple.

He pointed out that the sub footballers from both counties were not allowed onto the pitch at half time for a warm up or kickabout, but the hurlers in the second match were.

With friends like that in the county board…


That is a Croke Park directive and not a county board one. Subs are not permitted to puck around at half time. County Board should expect a fine in the post over it…


It’s a ridiculous rule, in my opinion. It should be at the discretion of the groundsman on the day.


bertie was there and was getting booed


Tipp have a better squad this year too but they aren’t versed with modern tactics . Louth played a very defensive game and got the result . Tipp still playing u21 football


The Parnell Park groundsman must have great confidence in his work, judging by the amount of hurlers of all ages picking around at half times. Seriously it’s great to see and hope it continues.


I can understand protecting the goalmouth and not allowing half-time puck/kick abouts after bad weather, but when the pitches are in good condition, where is the harm?


It’s fairly straighforward alright …


Will be some day once all the results are in. At least it perks up the interest considering these things are normally sorted come the last game . Will be a big ■■■■ you from the rest of the country if we were to miss out so that will add extra spice . Hopefully we just take care of business & let the rest worry how the chips may fall .


Maybe there something to do with insurance behind all this? Wasn’t that the excuse for banning pitch invasions in Croker?


Bertie only got booed. The lad who thought it would be funny to streak got a fair few slaps when he came back into the crowd.


irrespective of it being a nationwide rule or not, the fact is that in semple they allowed the hurlers to do it and not the footballers.


And I don’t disagree with the sentiment of your point.


I think if he had just streaked he’d have been grand, the fact that he pissed in the goalmouth is what earned him the bit of a hiding he got.


Only in Tipp would they play club games 2 days before their most vital game of the year, whaddya make of that @dubintipp


He’s not a hurler so they don’t give a flying fig


Club comes first