National Football League 2017


Only joking!


Me too. A few years ago, Malachy Clerkin (I think) wrote a brilliant article about the magic of Clones on Ulster Final Day. So was expecting a mini Thurles when we rolled into town for the Monaghan game 2 years ago. Left a tad disappointed. Maybe Dubs v Monaghan in a meaningless league game in April, lacks that certain je ne sais quoi/ne plus ultra/assorted jiggerypokery of the Ulster champo at its most rabid? :laughing:


Yes I remember that article - I got a picture of huge crowds drinking pints outside on a hot July day, and everyone suddenly moving off down the hill to the ground. It’s probably not the same in March!


Tyrone scored 0-6 against Donegal last week.

Their 6 forwards got 9 pts v Mayo.

Dean Rock has a better scoring average in the league than Tyrone’s front 3 put together.

As Declan Bogue says in today’s tele…It was just the latest example of a failing that has hurt Tyrone in the final reckoning of recent Championship defeats - they haven’t enough scorers.


You have the forwards . You don’t have any commitment to attaching football that’s your problem


I, for one, am all in favour of setting realistic and achievable goals, but if you’re ranking Ulster Final day in Clones amongst the top ten things to do before you die, I might politely, humbly and sensitively propose that you consider raising the bar a wee bit. :wink:

It’s a grand day out, an’ all, but…

Was there for the Final against Donegal in ‘02 with a group of pals from Armagh - good aul’ laugh, to be fair, but didn’t stand out particularly from many other sports related days out.


My best memories of Clones are when it’s sunny. (where isn’t)

It has lots of narrow streets and the whole town is taken over for football as it’s fairly small.

We were on holiday during last year’s final, so had to watch in the bar. But it was something like 22C at home.

I would consider changing the AI format, but there’s something special about an ulster final.

No southern moaners in the crowd for a start…!


Darren McCurry, Sean Cavanagh (in his last year) and Mark Bradley wouldn’t make your bench.

They hit as many wides as they score.


I vaguely remember the time we played Derry in the qualifiers up there (I think it was in 2003). The main thing I recall from the day was the crowd on the way out, it was this flood of Dublin supporters filling the main street of the town. Can’t remember much about the game other than I think Jayo scored a goal by squeezing a shot between a super narrow gap between the keeper and the post.


If you’re referring to me I don’t mean literally stay on the M1 just that if you’re on the M1 it’s very hard to get lost following the signs…granted that’s not how I put it but I’m sure most knew


Cormac Reilly in charge for Mayo v Donegal, Mayo fans are hoping it’s an April Fool’s joke one day too late.


Excellent. Set phasers to industrial strength levels of whinging !


Have started to notice the ire already, imagine the scenes on Sunday. TG4 Gold…


Not you!!


Indeed there is. I think it’s the potato bread but the soda farls are special too


Ah jaysus … I thought it was Daddy … until the last two words!


Oh I think they might. because they’d be playing a style of football consumerate with their ability.

Give a man a job he can perform not one he hasn’t the skills for.


Interestingly they have yet to be written off in any of their semi-final or final appearances over the last number of years, the nearest to it was 2012 semi-final where they took us to the cleaners for about 30 minutes but our form was mediocre that year anyway so not such a great surprise at all.
And after that, last year’s final first game had quite a few writing them off because our form had been so good, and theirs so poor. Not surprisingly they produced, and we didn’t. Only two freak goals saved us really that day.

What would happen this year if Mayo were to meet us either through the qualifiers in a QTr final or more likely (because I find it hard to see them losing in Connaught again) in an All-I final if both teams make it? Would they get that written-off bounce? It’s hard to escape the sense that last year was a great chance. Yet I would expect Rochford to have things as good as he could hope this summer, given that it’s his 2nd year in charge.


Have to say Daller, I agree with this, it is the style of football, there isn’t enough commitment to a change of tactics in the game, to variation. Or the tacticians aren’t good enough. I think those lads would be well capable of running up a score from the front foot, and if they weren’t knackered from so much chasing and tackling all over the field, or with more support, whatever way you want to call it. Mind you I know all teams’ forwards are doing a good bit of that in ‘the modern game’ but my sense is that the better Tyrone forwards are asked to do too much, and not allowed to take enough risk or responsibility. Perhaps it’s more a lack of trust of the backs?

Perhaps the best thing that could happen to Tyrone is that they lose to Kerry, lose in Ulster, and lose their fear of shifting from the rigid game-plan. Or is that hopelessly naive? I do think some of those lads are very talented players but not getting the best out of them.


Bradley and McCurry are decent forwards and Cavanagh can still do a job. The problem is your commitment to double sweepers is reducing your attacking threat especially goals. Basically you are been beaten by your own game by Mayo, Donegal and Kerry in recent years as their defence holds their position against your 4 forwards. Tyrone haven’t scored a goal from play in their last 8 championship games in Croke Park.