National Football League 2017


Just reading the comments from yesterday…I didn’t realize there were so many Tyrone fans on this forum :wink:


Lesser of two evils I imagine :wink:


I’d take that as a compliment!

Were you at the game y’day?

We sat beside the father of one of the Mayo players…he let us know several times and would stand up anytime his son was on the ball shouting and roaring. Some character.

Needless to say there was a good slagging from the home fans, and I saw him at the club house afterwards. Proud father.


I didn’t make the game, I had just landed that morning from the US and didn’t have the energy to re-route to Omagh so it was straight home west.

I did back us though. Mayo always seem to produce when least excepted. It was a good performance but we must beat Donegal next Sunday.

I would not be worried about our Spring form. It is a case of wait and see what the summer brings.


Mayo are very like the irish Rugby team. Great when written off or bouncing back from defeat. – But don’t carry expectation very well.


Yes, there’s tons of us here!! :thinking:


Before the Monaghan thread is opened , just have a quick question . Game according to the interwebs is in St. Tiernach’s Park, Monaghan. Threw that into Google maps , says 1 hour 45 minutes from Ashbourne . Heard from others its only about an hour to get up there . Anyone have thoughts on best possible route ?


I’d say the M1 is the quickest way…


You’ve more natural forwards than Mayo .


If you’re travelling from Ashbourne, straight up the N2 and you can either go cross country from Carrickmacross or N54 via Monaghan


Its a bit of a trek alright ! Your route sounds good .


The best route is N3 up through Navan, Cavan to Butlersbridge. Turn right on to N54/A3 which goes in and out of the North, red post box/ green post box. Mile sign / Km signs several times. Handiest way of getting out of Clones afterwards.


By the way St Tiernachs Park is in Clones which is in Co. Monaghan


You’d swear we were all imbeciles! We’re well travelled followers these days, we’ve been to Nowlan Park and eh…


Not sure if best way to get to it coming from the other side.

But it’s a great venue when there’s a big crowd, as I imagine it will be for Dublin.

Even as a neutral on Ulster final day, there’s a good atmosphere around the town.


What ever way ye go (I’m fond of a detour via sunny, subtropical Mullinavat meself) avoid Virginia like the plague. The traffic jams coming back to civilization, after the Cavan game were mad.


Don’t have much choice tbh according to the maps


I hope to get to an Ulster Final in Clones, before they get moved to Casement Park. I’m told it’s one of the 10 things to do before you die.


Don’t have a go at me. Read what another poster wrote above


There’s now a thread on the Monaghan game :+1: