National Football League 2017


Is it just me or is the pace of league one even greater this year?

Just looking at the speed and intensity of today’s game, I got to remind myself the Ulster championship hasn’t even started yet never mind the AI series.


No. Right now, we have 9 pts and Monaghan and Donegal both have 8. If we lose next week and Donegal bate Mayo, then we’ll finish on 9 pts, but Monaghan and Donegal will both finish on 10…shutting us out of the final.


Not sure about that, of the five possible candidates we could meet, we have only beaten Mayo, we drew with Tyrone, Kerry and Donegal and have still to play Monaghan, and let’s be honest we were fairly relieved to get the draw in all three cases.


What decides it if teams are level on points ? Is it head to head first or scoring points differential ?


Head to head.


Then scores for I think?


If two teams are on the same pts, it goes by head to head.

If three or more teams are on the same pts, it goes by scoring difference.


For the life of me I can’t figure out how Kerry could qualify as the second placed team :upside_down_face:
Freakish isn’t the word , its going to take some crazy results for that to happen . This is going to be some weekend for knockout games , fans in the stands will be keeping an ear for how other games or going & what is required for their teams to make the final . A Gillette Soccer Sunday would be ideal next week . Pity Eir Sport aren’t covering them because they switch between games when something exciting happens .


Big difference between Dublin in some regulation games, and in the final.


If the Sacred Knights of the Round Ball win they finish on 8, along with Dgal and Mon, if they both lose. Then it would be score difference betwn the 3 of them


Some unusual camera angles in the Donegal Monaghan game on TV . The pitch seemed to be at 30° at one stage!


Donegal have a 6 point edge on Kerry . Mayo would want to hammer Donegal to give Kerry a chance , which isn’t out of the question either . 4 points between Kerry & Tyrone . Ah , I give up at this stage :sweat:. No point really trying to predict anything , as long as we win we’ll worry about who we might play after that . Let’s hope the ref won’t be deciding if we make it .


Tipperary v Armagh is the type of game that could shape the fortunes of both counties for the next 2-3 years.

A mere league game it is not.


6 point swing isn’t much. Kerry beat Tyrone by 3 and Donegal lose by 4.


In Division 2 Meath need Kildare to do them a favour against Galway. While it would be nice to see two more Leinster counties in Divison 1 (if even just for one season), considering Kildare have already qualified for the final and have no love for Meath I imagine they will just put out a second string side.


Only if Monaghan won today though - not If Donegal won.


Listened to the Monaghan match on Northern Sound. Brilliant. Those boys have no problem wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Great listening. They will be tough,hard and defensive and their midfield of Queues’ are strong. Mc Manus would start for anyone. Would be disappointed if we don’t prevail however.


Mayo have Donegal’s number, and Kerry have Tyrone’s, lately, so it’s very possible Kerry manage to finish above both Tyrone & Donegal, especially with Mayo & Kerry playing at home. I think if Mayo are going very well Vs Donegal with a few minutes to go, and our game is close, and Kerry are winning Vs Tyrone, then it’s going to be a very interesting last few minutes in Monaghan


Leinster teams already promoted in Division 2, 3 and 4 ( 2 teams)… Meath have a chance of going up also but will likely lose out to Galway.

Looks like two ulster teams will be relegated to Division 3.


Tyrone were described as playing ‘dour’ football and I agree.

The pattern’s the same: ball is played from the back, worked slowly up the field allowing opponents to filter back, then trying to get past 20m before having a shot.

The end of yesterday’s first half was a deja Vu of last year’s QF first half…Mayo defended in numbers while tyrone recycled the ball over and over looking for a killer pass. Then the whistle blew.

Bottom line is that if you can force tyrone from your own 20m line, you’re half way to beating them.

It’s not MH fault for a dearth of forwards, but anything less than an ulster final and QF/SF place will most likely make this his last year.