National Football League 2017


That’s a bad loss no matter what way you dress it up .


Final score Mayo 0-15 Cavan 1-14.


The real question now for me is why Mayo give us such trouble. They are useless. Nothing to worry about if we go about our business properly.


That is a shocker of a result. Cavan could have had another 2 goals in the second half. I don’t know what Mayo are trying but whatever it is its not working. Kirby looks a great prospect for them but the other lads who all showed great when the going was good in the first half all went hiding once Cavan went at them. Mayo looking over their shoulder now


Nice to see Cavan get a result, they play football properly. In the modern parlance I suppose that means they’re too naive.


Mayo in a bit of trouble now

They will likely need to get something out of their Donegal and Tyrone games to stay up - assuming
Cavan beat Roscommon


What worked for them against us seems to have gone out the window in this league. I don’t know what’s going on but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Holmes Connelly story has done serious damage. Cillian O’Connor was desperate even from frees


Oh absolutely. Delighted for them. Would love to see them pip Mayo and stay up. Thoroughly enjoyed my day out in Cavan this year (traffic aside)


Kirby done well.faded when the going got tough. Cavan exposed Mayo badly when ran at them and wont get away with Higgins at full back. Cillian O’Connor was anonymous throughout game at centre forward .offers nothing from play


It is and it isn’t. Mayo have a horrendous record at home. It’s downright bizarre, considering they are “supposed” to be the second best team in the country.


Cillian O’Connor is desperate full stop. Their attitude is all wrong - always has been. But they’re a bit like the Irish rugby team playing England - as many are when they play us - they give it their all. Spoofers.


Strong Monaghan side here. Can’t see anything other than a Monaghan win.


They had a poor league last year so clearly are less up for it than most team -

Either way they are definitely a hot and cold team - more cold than hot these days


I don’t know about that. The general consensus seemed to be they needed a strong league and to find a few forwards. They’ve done neither. I generally think they wanted to go well in the league and possibly get to a final but it looks like their spirit is shattered. Understandably if so


Could watch McManus all day. That point was made look so easy.


Interesting that the Mayo lads don’t seem to want to rest the strength of the Cavan jerseys …


Boyle wanted to check out their gumshields though


He’s a sly filthy fooker


Mayo have no interest in the league so no point in analysing it . They’ll still be at the business end of this


Had no idea I was watching delayed coverage of Monaghan Roscommon :joy::joy::joy: