Munster Senior Football Championship 2017


Rte radio 1 commentary
" and their up against the team that beat Dublin, the team that beat Dublin in the league final, Kerry the team that beat Dublin"
ME, Aaaaaargh !


He was a brilliant player and would have started for Dublin in 2011. Unfortunately someone told him he was a hurler and he wasn’t
Simply hasn’t hit the pitch since he’s comeback and will never hit the heights again


Wasn’t overly impressed with Kerry, Geany and O’Donoghue are a handful. I think Donaghy is a passenger, he will always be able to knock a ball down, but other than that he offers very little. their backs looked very open another team would have punished them.


hopefully Fitzgerald is alright, it didn’t look good, seemed to clash with his own player and got his head knocked back.


Kerry defence still looks shakey when ran at. As usual the purists resort to the drag down to counter that.


Looked reluctant to kick his points today , prefering to hand pass it over the bar . Maybe his role now is just that , to win ball & lay it off .


Of course you won’t you never do.


Must be kicking himself for going back to the footballers , he’s worse than Sideshow Bob flipp flopping between the two codes . Was he surplus to requirements with the hurlers or did he choose himself ?


It’s some setup that Kerry have in their favor , the only football county in an hurling province and guaranteed to be playing in a QF every year , I think they could draw either Donegal or mayo


Went pretty much as expected. Kerry far the better team and worth their winning margin. Frankly Cork aren’t a top 10 team anymore so it’s hard to read too much into this game.


Gas thing is , they consistently blame the setup year in , year out . Lot of that team aren’t IC standard .


I think mayo will give them a good game. Mayo have a good running game and St. Cillian will kick frees all day (well except an equaliser in the last minute).


That much is true, but I was still very impressed by the Kerry forwards pace and movement off the ball and their initial 5 minute salvo was incredibly impressive. They will trouble any defence IMO, and it will be between us and them for Sam.


Totally agree , we’re the only team that can match or better them out there .


Perspective. Westmeath and Cork would be competitive.


wouldn’t rule tyrone out . Kerry are coming like a train and I’d expect them to dominate in a few years like we are currently doing. Still it could be another 2 years before Kerry land Sam.




I’d include Tyrone if they knock us out of the championship.


Seriously you make some outlandish statements. Why will they dominate in 3 years time. I am sure you will mention the Kerry minors and so on but how many minors go on to senior success. I think in the modern era you are better off looking at U21 or the new U20 to determine where things may be going. We have built our recent success on out underage structures and fully expect us to challenge down the line.


Similar to the great kilkenny team we have some of the best of all time playing for us.

When they retire there will be an adjustment. Not off the map but certainly we will go from being the best to being one of the best.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded.