Munster Senior Football Championship 2017


They’re playing a poor Cork team .


Could be a right pasting here .


Cork are muck. And the clown from Roscommon with the whistle…
Where in the name of sweet Jesus do they find these people?
The Back Door teams in Pool B will hope they draw Cork


They’ve settled a bit now .


Kerry not great at the back when Cork run at them. But Cork’s shot selection is awful …


Much closer than anticipated . If Cork had any decent forwards ( Colm O’Neill ) it could be closer .


Kerry could have worked a couple of goals here if they wanted to. The Kerry forwards are good, but the Cork backs are poor.


If Cork could get some primary possession, this might be a much closer game. On a side note James O’Donoghue gets away with a serious amount of steps, who does he think he is Kevin Mc😀


Wonder are they saving O 'Neill & Kelleher for the second half . I see O"Connor coming on .


Wtf was the keeper at ?


Pulling away now .


Looks like a bad injury for Fitzgerald , oxygen out :hushed:, was he knocked out ?


Neck maybe


Walk in the park really for Kerry , if Cork had taken their goal chances it might have been a better spectacle .


I think Martin Carney is about to have an orgasm, it must be said


Think Aidan Walsh should have stayed with the hurlers , could never understand why people rated him at all .


Jaysus Cork are shocking …

Kerry are filthy and cynical … who knew …


Probably should start another thread for this but provincial Championships are a waste of time at this stage, considering that since the introduction of the qualifiers they have no relevance. I won’t say apart from Ulster and that is only due to the style of play they could all have 10 point margins


You’ll not hear one word about the quality of Munster after this though .


Commentary on rte radio is dire, eulogising the Kerry players, no mention of the cynical play other then "great player takes that yellow with a smile " pathetic .