Munster Senior Football Championship 2017


They have lads like Stephen O’Brien who can’t get on first 26 for hurlers and don’t play football. Their footballers are like our hurlers, the poor relations


Clare off to a flying start

1-4 to 0-4 after 21 mins.


Draw at half time 1-5 to 0-8 , animals are down to 14 as well donnacha walsh sent off , could be very interesting


Please tell me he manhandled the linesman …


Only just see the result now and know nothing about the game - but surely a 6 point win against Clare is distinctly unimpressive. I was expecting 16.


Didn’t see the game, but agree it is less than impressive. They did lose D Walsh in the the first half to 2 yellows, but they also got a late goal to put the game to bed.

Overall it’s early in the championship so I wouldn’t be reading too much into results, but it does put our performance against an uber defensive Carlow into perspective.


Yep, it’s strange how our 12 point win was viewed as an under performance but Kerry’s 6 point win and Mayo’s loss will be a warm up thing.


That 12 point win against a team who parked the bus. Early doors yet. Good to see D.walsh punished for his dirt.


Jim Flag says:
June 11, 2017 at 8:03 pm
Could we have just witnessed the end of an era lads?

We had our chances in 2012, 13, 14, 15 and 16.

Could have won any or indeed all 5 of them All Irelands.

Our golden generation might well have missed the boat.

And we grumbled about '14 :disappointed:


Clare are two divisions above Carlow


And Clare has much nicer cliffs.


But Clare played to win, rather than only to keep the score down and still losing by 12.


Neither Dublin or Kerry have any interest in showing their A games in June. Games are overanalysed so much these days no one prepared to give anything away. Dublin happy to pass the ball over and back with a nothing to see here attitude. We will be none the wiser until the business end.


Fitzmaurice going with the old stock again and starting Donaghy tomorrow. The young lads that played well in league final not starting is a bit strange, Shanahan and Barry on bench. Savage and Gavin Crowley not even in the 26.


I think he’s keeping his powder dry and seeing if the old guard can cut it anymore . This is a pretty poor cork side


No danger from Cork and I think he fancies O’Donoghue and Geaney feeding off Dorothy. Moran and Maher give good physicality in Midfield. Can’t see the backs being troubled. We will learn nothing from this Munster final I am afraid.


Cork will be full of confidence coming off the back of two one point hammering of Waterford and Tipp …


Hell of a good group of lads not in the 26. Bizarre


Id agree, Will be different team if we meet, If he has any chance of beating us he will have Barry playing and hassling Fenton so Moran can do damage. I think League final showed a lot of his hand.


Jesus, that Kerry forward line look lethal. Movement, pace, options every time. 4 points from 4 attacks in 4 minutes! Warning signs lads.