Munster Senior Football Championship 2017


Ah nooo


Ah here…that’s taking the piss


5 minutes…me nerves ! :smile:


Really got out of jail there .


'Mon ta fcuk Tipp !!!


Back to the boring stuff again …


Silly there , that should do it . God Kerry will murder them.


Canning in raptures … looking forward to the gig in the new stadium . Kerry would want to be on sleeping tablets not beat that


Today result shows Tipp will never be a force in football. Didn’t have the believe to beat a very poor Cork team.Michael Quinlivan was a huge loss particulary for kickouts in second half.


I think if that Cork team could stay within 10 points of Kerry I would be shocked. A 20 point beating is hardly impossible.


Pre-cleared ones … or internet sourced? :smirk:


Taking the p1ss ?


Poor referee and Cormac Reilly as linesman. The GAA love to reward these poor officials with more games.


Very very few good ones - that’s the reality …


Tipperary are missing 6 first choice players . I’d just note that


Cork were missing bodies too. If Quinlivan was there could have been a different game.


Munster is shite except for Kerry, simple as that. That first half was the worst display of inter county football I have ever seen.


Sweeney and quilivan would get into our starting 15 , the rest of the tipp team very ,very average


Apart from kerry munster is crappie. Tipp probably punching above there weight as most of the players opt for hurling.


Outside Aidan Walsh not much .