Munster Senior Football Championship 2017


Not sure why you are ruling out Cooper and Philly to mark the two ? They surely have the ‘legs’ to mark the two even if they won’t be fully negated to score points. in 2015, Rory ad Cooper marginally got the better of Geaney and JOD but the latter still scored about 4 between them


Philly is one the best man markers in the game and on his day will mark any forward out of the game. Cork have nobody anywhere close to a Philly Cooper or Fitzy in their side. Geaney and JOD are super forwards but they won’t look that good against our 3.


saw this posted elsewhere

Cork’s footballers received plenty of criticism in the wake of their tame performance against Kerry in Sunday’s Munster SFC final, but Tomás Ó Sé believes management and officialdom are largely to blame for the county’s woes.

The former Kerry star, who lives in Cork, believes the county board erred in appointing Peadar Healy as manager in October 2015 and questioned the tactics employed in the defeat in Killarney, where the Kingdom coasted to a 1-23 to 0-15 victory.

Ó Sé left RTÉ 2fM’s Game On listeners in no doubt as to whether Healy was the man to lead Cork forward forward, saying: "I think he’s in over his head here. I don’t think they had the right team on the field.

"I’ve seen guys inside in dressing rooms at half-time coming in and rising a team, and a team performing differently in the second half, because of exactly what was said to them a half-time.

"And I’ve also been in dressing rooms where that’s happened before games.

“Not only the performance, but tactically I think they were out of it.”

The Ventry native also questioned the recent track record of Cork’s county board in finding the right man for the job.

“It’s very important to get the right person in charge, end of story,” he said.

"I don’t think they’ve got the right person in charge. I don’t think they’ve been getting the right person in charge for a long time.

"They’re getting it wrong in the hurling as well. There’s a place to lay the blame there as well.

"But, right now at the moment, it’s the management you have to look at.

"They’re still in the championship. What happens from here on in, I don’t know. Nobody expects anything out of them.

"You see the following that the hurlers get and the following the footballers get, they don’t show respect for them.

"They all went to Killarney and it was more of a day out - the fact that the weather was good. All up to Killarney; great town, great craic, everything like that: ‘we’ll get beat but sure we’ll have a bit of a fun day’.

“The attitude seems wrong in that regard.”

Elaborating on Cork’s tactical flaws, Ó Sé said: "Their kick-outs were crazy.

"They didn’t even win half of their own kick-outs.

“They were one-dimensional. They only attacked by running. That was the only way - there was no long ball going in.”
"Niall Coakley, I don’t think should have been starting. Peter Kelleher was on the bench.

"They were one-dimensional. They only attacked by running. That was the only way - there was no long ball going in.

“In midfield they were cleaned out.”

Ó Sé also insisted that the scheduling of club matches had compromised Cork’s preparations for their provincial decider with their arch enemies, contrasting the approach taken in the Kingdom.

“Two weeks before Cork played Kerry last Sunday, there was county championship football played in Cork,” he said incredulously.

"If that was in Kerry… it wouldn’t even happen!

"The footballers - the county team - are training to play Cork in a Munster final. They’re going to be given a minimum of three weeks together, minimum.

“These guys were forced to play and break up their squad for a full weekend, so they probably got five sessions together before the Kerry game, which is absolutely ridiculous”

Just to keep the Kerry Hype in some for of perspective.


Interesting that he criticises Cork’s running game. His brother thanks that’s the only thing Cork did right and they should have done more of it. D O’Sé thinks the running game is the be all and end all of gaelic football at the minute.


If players don’t hold their traditional positions it’s hard to see a counter to that viewpoint. I mean if corner and half backs are flooding up the pitch and their opposite numbers dont follow it’s pretty much tactical suicide.


O Shea’s IT article last week brought Yerraism to a new high. Predicting a Cork win “by a few points” if they could win midfield. No real analysis offered. If all form, sense and reason points to Kerry winning comfortably, you need to have a reasoned analysis of why you think otherwise, not just Yerra Yerra you can’t trust Cork Yerra Yerra !


That will be the key if we end up playing them. Geaney and O Donoghue will have to be kept quiet. I would assume it would be Philly for Donaghy, Cooper for O Donoghue and Fitzy for Geaney.

Cooper has done well against O Donoghue in the past, and Fitzsimons does well against most. But they will do damage, we just have to limit the damage.

But I suppose a lot too is down to how the game is played. If Lowndes happened to be playing and Dublin have a lot of the ball then the likes of O Donoghue should be more worried about him then the other way around. But, they wont be easy beat…


+1 … and to think he probably got a couple of hundred quid for it …


So I would say there is a lot back clapping over in the KMM head office for DOSE’s article. Yerra never sleeps. ever.


Would be delighted if Ir Times did D OSe’s article by way of an insert in the paper, in copies for distribution in the South Wessssht… could have the ads for Sam Mc Auley or some other pharmacist on the reverse side, along with Specsavers and supplements…

Awful stuff.


He basically ‘trolled’ cork , the very best they could hope for was to lost than 5/6 points .What he wrote absolutely flew in the face of any sporting logic or reason ,time for Jim Gavin to give him a smackdown :grinning:


I think midfield battle will be hugely important. If we break even I think we have better runners and better defenders than Kerry and should beat them. But if they out muscle us in midfield JoD and Geaney will cause us problems. Johnny Coopers absence from league final was huge. He is our best man marker.
Jack being available this year gives us huge pace also.


I agree, I think Jack could have a big role to play this year.

From what I read, he seems to be in a good place personally and professionally. I loved how he smiled his way through the parade before the 2015 Final !

He is a great kid and you could see him lighting up the later stages this year…he seems to have perspective on life and enjoys his football all the more as a result.


Have you seen Geaney’s scoring record against these players

It’s not shabby 1-4 from play last year

JOD got 2-3 from play in 2013

Not sure they’ll be quaking in their boots


One of them goals was a peno. Still he destroyed Kevin O’Brien


Jaysus forgot all Kevin o’brien.


How’d he do in 2015? Pulled off at HT iirc. And Geaneys goal was a bit of a freak in fairness. 2013 is incomparable. We defend completely differently. Still see us as the best FB line in the country


O’Donoghue scored 3 points off Cooper in 2015


Think he was playing with London this year


They won’t be losing sleep mate. I’d be hoping we keep the ball away from them that tends to be the best defence