Munster Senior Football Championship 2017


Waterford lead Cork 1-7 to 1-6 with 15 to play in Dungarvan…


That’s ridiculous…


Cork now in front by 1 with 6 to play!


All square with 5 of 7 minutes injury time to be played.


C’mon Waah’fud !


Cork in an awful state.


Cork down to 13.


Cork won by a point!


And there’s them banging on about how great it will be to host Kerry in a Munster Final, in the new Pairc. They’ll be bloody lucky to get to the final at this rate.


The spread was -12 with the bookies…


They would be better off losing to tipp in next match rather than playing the animals in the final .


Yeah, Les Animaux would love nothing better, than to give them a Grand Opening they wouldn’t soon forget. :grin:



That looks a horrific injury to the tipp 14


If Cork can’t beat Tipp minus Quinliven , well I don’t know . 1 point in 26 mins for Cork .


Quinlivan. They’ll miss him badly.

Or maybe not. Only 1 pt scored by Les Langers in 26 minutes.


Ha ha ha…geh oura me brain @Unbelievable …thar be dragons ! :laughing:


:joy::joy::joy:, witch craft . I can’t believe Cork are this poor . I heard they werent great but this is abysmal stuff .


Cawrk would want to get the finger out. Tipp have the wind in the second half.


0-4 to 0-1 to Tipperary . This is awful stuff . Nearly half time !