Misheard song lyrics


Down in the Tube Station at Midnight by The Jam. I always thought Paul Weller sang…

I fumble for change and pull out The Queen, smiling big Eileen he’s actually singing “beguiling”

I thought Eileen maybe short for Elizabeth in London


Eileen Dover is a nickname for every female wanting to marry into the royal family, bestowed upon each of them by Philip Windsor before their test drive.


You and me both. A great lyricist Weller but his mumbling type voice leads to mishearing lyrics for sure.


Indeed. In That’s Entertainment by the Jam you’d think he was singing ‘lights go out, a kick in the balls, that’s entertainment’


Not sure if you’re just looking for a bite but that is what he sings


Dub09 wind people up never …


That’s entertainment!


Heard that wonderful Police tribute to BBC Nationwide and BBC News legend Sue Lawley yesterday …


At a wedding last weekend and the missus sings along with Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl
“Hey there amigo”


I always think the Ireland fans are singing “Shane Long’s on fire your defence is terrified”


Such lyrics can only be hugely misheard …


“Shane Long is dire, your defence is not required”


Ha! :clap:


The entire song is a clusterfuck


Opening line…

“Pretty women out walkin’ with gorillas down Maastricht”…


Not misheard lyrics, but every time I hear Roy Orbison’s I drove all night, I think, the creeper fooker. He drove all night, crept in her room, woke her from her sleep to make love to her, then asks her afterwards if that was alright…


Cindi Lauper released her version first, yet it didn’t seem that creepy!


Speaking of creepy … I’m on Fire by Springsteen … :open_mouth:

I went a bit off Orbison when he released that song about Tony Felloni


It’s just the whole MeToo thing, anything a bloke says involving women or kids is “creepy”


Nah - this is just creepy …

Hey little girl, is your daddy home?
Did he go away and leave you all alone? Mhmm
I got a bad desire
Oh oh oh, I’m on fire

Tell me now, baby, is he good to you?
And can he do to you the things that I do? Oh no
I can take you higher
Oh oh oh, I’m on fire