Misheard song lyrics


Down in the Tube Station at Midnight by The Jam. I always thought Paul Weller sang…

I fumble for change and pull out The Queen, smiling big Eileen he’s actually singing “beguiling”

I thought Eileen maybe short for Elizabeth in London


Eileen Dover is a nickname for every female wanting to marry into the royal family, bestowed upon each of them by Philip Windsor before their test drive.


You and me both. A great lyricist Weller but his mumbling type voice leads to mishearing lyrics for sure.


Indeed. In That’s Entertainment by the Jam you’d think he was singing ‘lights go out, a kick in the balls, that’s entertainment’


Not sure if you’re just looking for a bite but that is what he sings


Dub09 wind people up never …


That’s entertainment!


Heard that wonderful Police tribute to BBC Nationwide and BBC News legend Sue Lawley yesterday …


At a wedding last weekend and the missus sings along with Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl
“Hey there amigo”


I always think the Ireland fans are singing “Shane Long’s on fire your defence is terrified”


Such lyrics can only be hugely misheard …


“Shane Long is dire, your defence is not required”


Ha! :clap:


The entire song is a clusterfuck


Opening line…

“Pretty women out walkin’ with gorillas down Maastricht”…