Misheard song lyrics


Boney M…

“Show me a motion, tra la la la la…
show me a motion…”


I thought that too! Brown girl in the rain?



Unless we’re right and I was thinking it was really “Show me emotion”?


Yeah I always thought I was mishearing ‘she looks like a sugar in a plum’… But I’ve checked and that’s what it is!
Daft lyrics.


What daft lyrics???

I remember one Saturday night
We had fried fish and Johnny-cakes
I remember one Saturday night
We had fried fish and Johnny-cakes


It’s Brown girl in the ring BTW, which makes me instantly and innuendoily suspicious… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Is my memory failing me (very possible) or did the Kerry fans sing "five goals in the rain, tra la la la la ’ to this tune at the 1978 Final ?(5-9 to 11 points if you need reminding)!
It’s unusual that Kerry fans would sing but maybe they did in this case.


Correct. Except the score was 5-11 to 0-9. What always bugged me apart from the obvious in that game was Dublin had huge possession in the 2nd half but kept getting picked off by counters and Bomber. 2014 was the nearest equivalent in this era but after 78 there was no way back for that team.

People talk about what was learned from 2014 but alot was stored away from 78 too.


Her name was Lola
She was a showgirl
She had flowers in her hair
And she had hair everywhere

And poor aul shakira

I’m on tonight
My hips don’t lie
It’s a pity I smell of shite


Early 80’s I used to like a Scottish band called The Skids.
Good sound but most of the words I could never make out.
Started to think I was hard of hearing until other people said they couldn’t either.


… of whom the late Stuart Adamson was a member.


Couldn’t believe the circumstances of his death.



He was a great guitarist.
He died almost a year after Kirsty MacColl.
Both has worked with Steve Lilywhite.


I didn’t know that. I have The Crossing, Steeltown and The Seer in vinyl (nothing to play them on though). Lovely guitar band, they were very popular in Ireland.


I think Kirsty did more than work with Steve tbf :slight_smile:


It was @BelfastDub intriguing circumstances of his death made me check it out. I didn’t know he was with Big Country. I remember seeing them at Day at the Races concert in Phoenix Park '83, alongside U2, Eurythmics and Simple Minds…


Sure, weren’t they previously married to one another?


He had a way of making his guitar sound something like bagpipes (in a good way), very unique style.

Other than being suicide, was there something untoward about his death?


Yep, that’s what I meant