Misheard song lyrics


To help find all her children?


She might have one of those GPS trackers?


Phnom Penh International Airport,
Somewhere in Addis Ababa,
Somewhere on the coast of Namibia,
Ho Chi Minh City…

All locations she caught Jennifer Aniston stalking the Bradster while Branjelina were still on the go?


REM’s The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite ‘‘Call me when you try to wake her’’ or ‘Tony the baker’ for ‘‘Calling Jamaica’’


Mack the knife.

“Oh the sharp knife, with its teeth there”




Loose heel?


Yeah, and it was ‘400 children doing a crap in the field’. !


if youre happy and you know it

crap your hands


Coz I’m a Joker, I’m a smoker, I’m a midnight choker…

Never liked the song in all in anyways so I’m still going to think that’s the word.

I see a little stiloetto of a man, Scar a bus, scar a bus! Will you do the van tango?

These milks off noooo! Will you not let me go?


There is a line in that song that always sparks debate. I think I read somewhere that Miller made up the word - I could never understand it anyways!!!

'Cause I speak of the pompitous of love




to injure swans by the saw doctors

on the wigs of love


Dionne Warwicks “I don’t want to be a park ranger” a lad I worked with back in the day was convinced that was what she was singing


Debbie Harry ’ live just outside of malahide ’


the recent Bruno Mars hit “Uptown funk” has a few…

“lenin, stalin, living it up in the city”

“dont belive me, joe swash”

and if your local radio station has Noyex Newmans sponsoring things you may have heard

“noyex newmans
and whores!”


Chris Rea… “Sainsbury Girl”


So I’d like to know where, you got your nose from…



“Don’t go painting with emulsion, lay all your gloss on me”.


“A year has passed since I broke my nose…”

The Police, Message in a Bottle