Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Thanks for the update Alan, sounds very much like the minor game at the weekend where we hit a lot of wides, then a turning point (kick up the arse) and we dominate from there - minor matc it was the red, tonight the peno.

Haven’t had a chance to compare teams, much crossover in terms of starters from the weekend compared to tonight? Hopefully the first game will get the nerves out of the way and they will kick on from there.


I think six of tonight’s starters started or came on on Saturday. To be honest some of them were outshone by some others this evening. A lot for selectors to ponder for the minors the next day. Not sure if the 17s are out again before that.


Very good game tonight . Even teams until last 15 minutes then dublin really pulled away. Offaly goalie was excellent as was the Dublin keeper who saved a brilliant penalty. O donnell was really good. Just like his brother. Really good pace to the game.


Quality of Dublin forward play tonight was far better than in the minor game at the weekend. The full forward line thrived on quality delivery from half forward line and midfield. Cutting down on the wide count is the next step.


Who done the scoring?


Liam Murphy got 1-3 maybe 4.


Not a terribly detailed write up on d’official site, no mention elsewhere, i hope the u17 grade will get more attention when minor grade is killed off.



I’d take that result with a pinch of salt. Tipp were missing a load of players and only started training for this a week back, while Limerick opted not to play their lads involved in Minor (half their team). Seems like Cork are the only ones taking U17 seriously (training for months, separate and very experienced management team).


what do people think of 6 players playing in both championships? A bit farcical imho as surely the u17 is the lesser competition, a bit of a sop as someone said. The U17s may not have beaten Offaly without the minor lads so maybe that jusifies it but maybe more of the U16s(ie next years minors) should be given experience. The idea of changing minor to U17 was to take it away from the Leaving Cert I think but the powers that be really didnt think it through. Why not run the U17 championships alongside the minor one with the same counties playing each other?


The Tournament is a good idea, but, IMO it should be for u.16/17s players that are not involved on any Minor inter county panel, it gives the chance to weaker counties to promote hurling better.


Carrol from lucan big lad but no pace.but could win ball in the air.


Kk also not playing players at both ages.u17s that are with the minors not playing.kk bt wexford well at u17.


Beat them well at U18 as well. A Leinster final and an AI quarter final probably the best we can hope for. Have to beat Wex first though.

Might have a chance at U17 if KK not playing their best 17s. We are.


Kk not playing 17s who are with the minors but then again ciaran brennan is with the 17s and not the 18s as he is only 15 and cant play minor(some player).


is that the guy that is on the irish u16 soccer team.i think he is signed to waterford now .


Yes ,he plays with irish 16s and watetford utd.but will play for kk over waterford utd if there is a clash.scored 2-20 out of 2-23 total for club in a u16 game.


I heard it was 5-50 , he scored that day, 12 of them from lineballs and he caught 6 balls he picked out to himself…

Hopefully bennettsbridge and Kilkenny can hold on to him


Yes hopefully lost young o conno,r to southampton so be good to keep ciaran(next dj)


Ah, I don’t know, these guys have been done out of the chance to play minor. I think they deserve a chance to enter a competition with their best team.


Are we still not using our Minor Panel Players?