Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Very early throw in @ 6:30. I know the players are off school but it doesn’t give a lot of time for supporters to get there for the start.

  1. Eddie Gibbons - Kilmacud Crokes

  2. Andrew Dunphy - St Brigids

  3. Kevin Burke - Na Fianna

  4. Tommy Glynn - Ballyboden St Endas

  5. Tom Aherne - Ballinteer St Johns

  6. Enda O’Donnell - Whitehall Colmcilles

  7. Herkus Sviglinskas - Lucan Sarsfields

  8. Alex Hatt - Kilmacud Crokes

  9. Micheál Murphy - Na Fianna

  10. Mark Grogan - Kilmacud Crokes

  11. Billy Ryan - Craobh Chiarain

  12. Kevin Desmond - Ballyboden St Endas

  13. Luke McDwyer - Ballyboden St Endas

  14. Liam Murphy - Cuala

  15. Andrew Carroll - Lucan Sarsfields

Anyone know much about this age group? Is O Donnell from Whitehall related to Eoghan? 6 lads from Saturdays win starting


Best of luck to the lads this evening, anyone reviewing the match this evening could you keep any criticism to the generic variety please, it’s fine to pick out players who played well but no putting the boot into individuals - more so then when we were talking about minors.


Ends is eoghan’s brother.

Have to say this age group has been shafted by the decision to move the minor age group. A knock out competition with no profile is just a sop to them. It’ll be very hard to read anything into it, win or lose.

Best of luck to the team.


A bit of a swing back to the Southside I see on that team…


Enda O’Donnell is a brother of senior hurler Eoghan


Ballyboden’ Tommy Glynn is overage for U17 so couldn’t be at No. 4


thought he had to be, Eoghan and Edna O’donnell both from Whitehall.


Don’t tell Offaly


Dont know if this is the right thread for it or not, but I honestly feel the decision the change minor back to u17 is going to lead to more player burnout problems now, and of course clubs will be worse off again.

Your minor team will be made up of u16s and 17s, meaning club u16 level will be affected. U20 will be 18-20 year olds not on senior squad, then youll have the players with the senior squad. Clubs squads could be even more decimated by this. Senior teams will now have to contend with 2 county squads when trying to get access to players.

I’m convinced its going to lead to more problems than solutions. Call me old fashioned but I honestly believe minor and u21 should have been left as is

I really hope that in the not so distant future it will return to u18 and u21. But I wont hold my breath with the GAA


From a club point of view it’s a disaster. The fact that club minor stays at U18 makes it even crazier.

There will be changes in the CCC2 calendar next year. It’s very likely now that U14 and U15 will be on the same day, likely Saturday, and U16 and minor will now be Sunday’s. Minor used to be just minor. Now it’s minor and U16, affecting to totally distinct club age groups.

From an administrative point of view you’re not being old fashioned. You’ve hit the nail on the head.

It’s going to have a huge effect on clubs. U16 will now go like minor, which is a total disaster.


throw in on top that u21 hurling remians same but u20 for football. you would really wonder what planet those creative types are on but they have never run a club at adult or juvenile level obviously


Maybe have a meeting?


1.8 to 0.8 to Dublin at half time. A goal just before the half the only difference. Shot selection hurting big time again. Don’t think Offaly have had a wide. We’ve had about seven.


Offaly camp think scoreboard is wrong and that they’re 0-9…or that we’re 1-7!! Missed a peno too, not a bad save.


Score has been changed to 1.8 to 0.9. Second half about to start.


Twelve gone. Level. They missed a penalty.


18 gone. Three up. Got a run on them after the penalty.


Seven up with six to go. Offaly haven’t scored since missing penalty.


1.19 to 0.15. Just over. We stopped hitting wides seems to be the big difference :grimacing:


1.20 to 0.15. Good win in the end. Penalty and subsequent 65 miss from Offaly seemed to be the turning point. Level at that point. We won the rest of the game by eight points. Full forward line of Luke McDwyer (Boden), Liam Murphy (Cuala) and Andrew Carroll (Lucan) very effective during that time. Dublin’s best player in my view was Mark Grogan (Crokes). Had a great game. The rest were solid without being spectacular. Will need to be more consistent in scoring to progress you feel. Not sure who they get next.