Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


i suppose that management for both squads is the same makes sense .so effectively we have 2 minor championships this year running side by side this year and next years panel will be made up of this years under16s and possibly under 15s .


Billy Ryan is one of the most gifted hurlers I’ve ever seen at any age


Looks like it will be that all right. Leinster semi is a huge game, bigger then the Leinster final nearly as it gets them hurling well into the summer and gets them all a bit of profile. If they lose the semi, they go out and are forever deemed as unsuccessful.


Maybe so but Daire has a turn of pace, which we were missing.


Do you mean Dublin or ever seen from any county?


Hi Mrs Ryan


No pressure on the lad.


Jaysus hold on to your opinions everyone


Young Ryan is Fine hurler he is still only a young lad but has plenty of potential going forward natural corner forward , mchugh is another good hurler bit of cian o Callaghan type defender , Currie played well in patches also, need to step it up now as a team if there to get back to back minor titles. If they get henshaw and Keogh back in there to big leaders also plenty of experience from last year.


Any county. Unfortunately not a giant and only playing division 2 at the minute in our leagues but Imo a better version of Dotsy. Oh and Mrs Ryan should be proud.


Jaysus. Way to heap the pressure on him. Time enough to judge him when we’ve actually seen him play a few inter county games.


Not heaping pressure on anyone. I gave my opinion on the lad and called it as I see it. Having been on the receiving end of Dotsys best at minor and adult level and having seen this lad playing against teams I’ve managed over the last 3 years it drew obvious comparisons.


Fair enough. Hope you’re right :grimacing:


I hope I am too. If I am we are onto a winner :muscle:


I think any opinions on the U17 team or individuals should only be of the positive variety, these guys really only are kids, albeit very talented ones. But they are only 16.




Is this just a Leinster competition or is it an all ireland?


All ireland knockout.


Cork beat tipperary last night. 2 -22 to 2 -9.


Jaysus, corks underage record outside minor the last few years has been impressive.