Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


There is no way around the dual issue. No one is willing to drop good hurlers who are good footballers. You get rid of the dual players and in the short term at least you probably fail to contest a leinster final. Long term? I don’t know. The policy of no dual players wouldn’t last long enough to see if it worked. Very hard to get mentors who are told not to pick certain players.


Been saying it for years . But the “please think of the children” Flanders brigade think it’s an infringement of civil rights to ask someone at inter county level at 16 to pick one




Young kev burke was an outstanding player and comedian giving the crowd entertainment by throwing the hurl in the stand


Alan I’d have to disagree completely I thought young burke made a correct call in throwing the Culchies hurl in the crowd


Write up here, Currie got 5 points from play


There are no dual players this year.


So that and last Saturday are the only 2 minor matches you have missed in 5 years?
I’ll give you a tip. The u17s are playing Offaly in Parnell on Wednesday in the Leinster Championship. They have some outstanding forwards. I know it will mean you actually having to attend a match but sure give it a try. You might learn something.


Good to hear. I heard there was.


Glad to hear it.


Totally forgot about the switch to u17 this year. So from this year on it will be u17 and u21 in hurling but u17 and u20 in football?


Alot of jitters out there on Saturday No starters from last year which explains some of it. The game will stand to them. There are 3 potential starters coming/ just back from injury. Down to 14 men with 10 mins to go they showed alot of heart. Need cleverer ball into forwards. The management are smart and will learn from that. Remember last years team were beaten by Wexford in their first game, we’re close to going out against KK excep for inspirational stuff from Donal Burke. What I am saying is give this group a chance. There are fine hurlers amongst them. Yes they need sort out the forward play out before the next day. The backs were very solid. Young Burke was excellent and will learn from his sending off.

All going to form they should be playing Wexford in Parnell Park in 4 weeks time. The u17s are out against Offaly on Wednesday in Parnell Park. I believe it is straight knock out.


with the under 17s playing on wednesday,is there any under 17s with the minors being asked to play on wednesday also .


Regarding the u17s is Ryan from craobh under 17 he is isn’t he? Him and Berrigan from isles are 2 superbly gifted hurlers. Both should hopefully develop in to the inside forwards we crave.


Please tell me they are also 6’4" and fast? :grin:


Was wondering the same thing, they’d hardly let them overlap on both panels, would they? So the minor management get first pick?


I can give you the fast part thrown in with a super touch and hurling brain but I wont lie about the height its more 5’4 with both :smiley: they still have time to stretch though


someone feed them both bacon, cabbage and schpuds quick!


Sorry both 5’4"
Minor squad of 45 players of which 25 u17s. Management the samecfor both squads lads who played on Saturday available on Wednesday.


interesting, thanks @raytowner - if teams are picking from the same panels, could they not have scheduled the matches a little further apart.