Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


100 percent on the money


They struggled to beat Laois last year. Laois this year are better.


Individually, our minor forwards are very talented hurlers. Unfortunately there seemed to be no structure on how the team played. In fact there was very little sense of team today. There was no 'quality ’ ball into the inside line (all of whom scored today). So many of the shots that went wide could instead have been low diagonal balls for the forwards to work with. If this group could be taught to work as a team, they could go a long way.


I would agree. Disappointed in our defenders trying to catch balls they had no right to get. Most of the time they would be better off batting the ball away. As for our hand passing we got away with murder today. Any other Ref would have blown us up several times.


The draw is terribly convoluted. Even though ourselves and Wexford were seeded Wexford drew KK and got hammered 1-20 to 0-11. That puts themselves and Laois into quarter finals vs. the winners of Kildare/Offaly and Meath/Westmeath. Leinster website seems to suggest we will not get KK in the semi even though they were not seeded so likely we would get Wexford, which might mean we have caught a break. Certainly a game vs. Wexford would tell us exactly where we were at. I wouldn’t want to play KK in a knock out game based on today’s results. But beat Wexford and you get a Leinster final and a quarter final at least.

The draw itself though is completely ridiculous. Being a seed has done nothing for Wexford at all. Then again with KK not being seeded I’m not sure how seeding would help anyone. We just seem to have gotten the luck of the draw.


Aside from everything else I think physically they could be in real trouble the further they go. I don’t think I’ve seen a smaller, lighter team in my life.


Yawn! Hurlers on the ditch who probably never pucked a ball in their lives! Anything positive to say.l!
They are a young team they will get better. Wont win an All Ireland but its their first game out!


Poor analysis! What game were you were watching! A few mistakes but generaly defence were solid. Poor goal to give away!



Do you think it might be a case of clubs always playing their best players at 3 6 8 and 9 from underage with inside forwards being 3 of what’s leftover? Do Dublin clubs focus on strengthening the defence first instead of playing the most naturally gifted lads in the forward’s?


There’s some truth in that - club set ups rarely emphasise developing forwards, or even free-takers.


I would be inclined to agree with that. I have seen it in Vins on occasion and certainly last year’s county minor team played players very much out of position in my opinion.


That’s not true Bart. You have been caught pontificating on minor matches that you didn’t attend on more than 2 occasions in the last 5 years.


When? That’s two bluffers down today


Producing quality forwards is not easy but I don’t think we are doing too badly. It’s holding onto them when they become seniors is where we are falling down. In the last 10 years Danny Sutcliffe, Cormac Costello Ciaran Kilkenny, Emmett O Conghaile, Colm Cronim, Sean Treacy, Chris Bennett, Donal Burke, David Treacy, and Mark Schutte have come through . There is the makings of a serious starting 6 and a few good subs in that lot. The fact a lot of these lads are unavailable for varying reasons is hardly the systems fault.


Match v Wexford in 2012 and 2014


Pull up the thread


You asked me when. I told you. Were you at these matches? No bluffing now.


I was at one of them


Agree with that, you forgot con as well, some list.


I would argue that developing lads as hurlers who are going to play football is a systems failure. Apparently there are dual players again this year. That is a waste of time in my view.