Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


The refs performance in the first game was poor. That’s all I’m going to say. There wasn’t much he could do for the final as we were by far the better team. Having said all that, this is one of the better Wexford underage teams In a long time.


hard to judge blitzes anyway . But it’s better to be doing well in them then not . The form lines aren’t usually way off either at minor


Midleton CBS have 4 players on Cork minors - some presence . That will only get bigger when the school develops the land purchased from Irish Distillers - circa 30 acres . The 4 boys play for different clubs as well. I’ll still be hoping Galway win though …


Middleton has grown a lot in the last 10 years, almost like a suburb of the city now with the train line open


That school used to win the harty cup quite regularly did it not ? Cork has always been strong when it’s schools are going well


You’re right , it did , but it lost its lustre as s really big name - some players were enticed to other schools - if the school make it easy to get to and from the new grounds they will attract a lot more. CBC picking up players as well . Midleton cbs have a brand new secondary school - which turns some heads .


Galway leaked two rotten goals but they’re still in with a chance.


Incredible standard. As physical as most senior games. We’ve a bit to go to reach that level


Great game in fairness


How did the referee not give Cork a free and a yellow card for that high challenge


If senior is as good we’re in for a treat


MIdleton CBS have lost half of East Cork pickwise since the 90s. Still a strong pick but not as big as the likes of Thurles/ASR etc.

Ultimately there are so many secondary schools throughout Cork the hurling pick is spread over too many schools.


More importantly he disallowed a perfectly good goal for Cork.

TBH though 4-5 of the Cork lads weren’t up to par.


Some big men on both teams.


The referee made it and allowed the physicality. IMO that is the way hurling should be played not blowing the whistle every minute like the Dublin Cork game. Fair play galway - they got the match ups right and cut the supply/ stopped quality ball into Cork’s inside forwards with hard tackling on Cork’s backs and midfield. Galways forwards could win their own ball too!


Agree about the ref. One of the best I’ve seen.


Does anyone know why the Cork goal was disallowed? Square ball hardly, he was outside when the ball was pucked (or us that only a football rule).


Football rule!


Football only. It was a nailed on square ball.


So was one of Canning’s goals.