Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Interestingly Laois have beaten both KK and Limerick to reach the semi vs. Tipp. Looks like the winner will play Clare in the final.


And as posted above they’re in the U14 semi too. Is there a rebirth going on in Laois?


See tipp seem to be in every final in all grades A and B


Any more results from our games?


A team had two games. Lost to Tipp and beat Waterford. B team lost to Cork and drew with Offaly. Don’t know about other age groups.


We just won the Michael Foley under 15 beating Wexford in the final


Good stuff. Of course when we win these tournaments people on here say you can’t read anything into it. When we lose its doom & gloom.


Cork/Tipp in the Forristal final. Cork beat Clare. Tipp beat Laois.

Good to see the 15s win. With minor at 17 now that’s good progress.


What U-15 is that? Heard Cork won both A and B U-15.

Its Tipp/Galway in the U-14A final btw.


No Munster teams in it


It’s not the national one. A tournament organised in memory of someone @CDG is it?


Dublin didn’t make it out of their group at the arrabawn - disappointing start to be beaten by Clare in the first game - beat Offaly then lost to Tipp ( who we beat a few weeks ago) - didn’t show anything near their full potential today unfortunately - they are capable of and have beaten all the big guns in recent times so a bunch with potential


Well let’s hope they can fulfill it next year. We’ve had a lot of teams with great potential over the last five years but there’s not been much delivery on it.

If U15 is Leinster only it’s still a good win.


I see that now. Thought Cork had made the final. Tipp won it by four.

KK beat Tipp by 8 in the Arrabawn final. They’ll be th team to beat in Leinster next year so.


Leinster hurling tournament. All Leinster counties and Antrim.
KK have won it the past 5 years so we’re happy out TBH.


KK aren’t even that great - well beatable


Kk won the ardbawn.


They did indeed but they are still well beatable - like dublin are not far behind them and this group have beaten them previously


Thanks. Not a good year for Dubs.


Brief write up on the u15 win, lost quite heavily to Wexford in first group match, then beat Wexford in the final. goes to show you not to read too much into individual results at these blitzes