Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


I’ll look at it as 20 wides means we had 20 more scoring chances, stick half of those over and it’s a paddling


I understand looking on the bright side but we were playing very limited opposition and more than a few were easy chances badly hit. Won’t get chances like that against better teams.

Hopefully it’ll have settled some nerves but we are a long, long way off where we need to be.


Others at the game have detailed how bad the forwards were . Either they were talking bullshit or exaggerating which I doubt as Laois are crap


That’s not Alan you’re quoting




Ah I know, what can I say, it’s the long weekend I’m going to be ridiculously optimistic for the day :yum:


I’d be a little more optimistic than Alan. People wrote off last years team after Wexford beat them in the first game. A lot of the issues pointed out are valid. However bottom line is we were a point down and a man down with ten to go and it looked grim. We stood up and won the last ten minutes 4 points to 0.


Exactly, pulled it out of the fire when it was looking tricky. good sign. Obviously a lot to work on but let’s hope they can improve, the worrying thing is talk of being horsed out of it, that’s the danger of a young team.


At this age level it hard to know how lads will play. It’s the first game they play where there is a real consequence to winning and losing. All the blitzes they play do not prepare them for an hour long championship game. This will do them a world of good. 20 wides and still win? Great stuff. They have another day to get the radar back on track. Laois had a massive win vs offaly and no matter the opposition , a win is a win and helps create momentum which laois had. Dublin now have momentum, and hopefully will continue on an upward curve.
Lastly, stop commenting on young lads like they are senior hurlers. They are young, inexperienced players. Learning the ropes. They have and will continue to have time to improve, get better and do the best they can do. Sweeping statements about inside forwards and free taking, criticism of the mgt line do no good for anyone. Well done on the win and move on. It’s minor. Leave them at it.


Poster who I’d have little time for but I’d agree fully with regarding our forwards. 11 points in an hour today. Currie looked good but tighter corner backs will sniff him out. Best forward on display was Bennett the Laois 14. In saying that McHugh had a good game at full back. Potential there with him unless he’s a dual player?

Positive though winning a game we could have lost


My apologies


Nobody wrote off last years team . It had star quality . I don’t blame the players I blame the system . Players are products if the environment they train in


At this stage I think there is a major problem in terms of developing forwards alright. Today was unfortunately more evidence of that. Same type of player with the same issues year after year. That’s not knocking the players it’s just the way it is. Their basic skills are not developing at inter county level. You’ve got to ask why at this stage.


But we were Leinster champions at minor & u21 level last year. Must be getting something right.


Last years minor team was a fine team that had a bad day against Limerick . That happens . They still beat Kilkenny


Nah, this is yet another thread that will be hijacked with constant, repetitive posts about how we just aren’t good enough really, with the sub text that only the poster knows enough about hurling to fully realise that.

I am not saying that all posts that point out issues are wrong, alanoc and ground hurler above have made very valid points about why and where we need to improve. But any reasoned discussion will unfortunately be drowned out by a cacophony of superior type negativity.

Of course we need to improve, we haven’t won an under age All Ireland in modern times. But based on our success in Leinster in the last few years at underage, Kilkenny have bigger issues. They don’t - but applying the same logic to them, you would have to conclude that.


Maybe you should actually go to the games before you blame anyone? Giving opinions on players based on matches you haven’t seen is not credible.


They struggled to beat Laois last year. Laois this year were better I’m on.


I’d say I’ve missed about two minor hurling games in 5 years - today being one . So move on


KK are falling from a much higher base and will solve theior problems eventually. They always do.

We’ve done well at under age in Leinster but it’s arguable that Leinster really only means beating KK as the rest, bar maybe Wexford in some years, are not at the races. We have signally failed to do anything outside of Leinster. All of our defeats in AI semis and finals bar the minor draw with Tipp in 2012 have been bad ones.And at this stage I’d wonder about our forward production. Even our good teams have been frustratingly inaccurate and that has what has cost them. And it just seems to me that every minor team I see, bar maybe last year’s one, is producing the same type of forwards. Fast and light, struggle to win their own ball, rarely a goal threat and inaccurate. I don’t think anyone could argue the same wasn’t true bar one player today. And our inability to develop a free taker for each team is just ridiculous at this stage. Didn’t have one last year. Don’t this year. And at senior it’s always been an issue in terms of someone reliable. Even McCrabbe, probably our best, had bad days. That kills you and very nearly killed us today.

But what you do about it I don’t know. But there is something fundamentally wrong. There['s no reason at all why we shouldn’t be producing good forwards but we aren’t. Someone needs to find out why and rectify it.