Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


12-16 players cut from the minor squad over a meal after the defeat. Could have been done better


Can’t help wondering would a hard fought semi final have helped today.


I don’t think so. As I said, our problems were all self inflicted. Another game would not have fixed that.


A hard fought win might have highlighted a few issues and sharpened up the lads, what if we hadn’t got a red, if keeper had burried the second peno, etc etc … when the here’s a puck of the ball between the score you always end up considering things that might have made a small difference. Of course if me aunt had balls etc. still a good run, hopefully one or two of these lads will come through to u21


The red was the killer. If we hadn’t got the red the game was there to be won. After it we had no chance. We were very sharp. Neither side hit many wides. We were just very indisciplined with a finnicky ref. Cork copped on to him quicker. We didn’t at all. I’d be annoyed with Antrim for not giving us a game but it had very little to do with what happened today. We were the authors of our own misfortune unfortunately.


Shocking stuff really .but then again a lot of GAA managers wouldn’t know man management if it was standing in front of them




16 players dropped from squad? Would these be the lads who be too young for minor in past years and would be just on under 17 panel? Is it correct to say their year is next year?


what size was the panel? Why cut them now with the semi-final next week? sounds very strange.


Previous programmes have been listing huge amounts of extra players. Many of them from yesterday’s panel. I presume they were the ones let go. No need to do it from what I can see but it’s unlikely any of them were going to feature.

As an aside where was the Lucan lad from one of the Baltic states yesterday. Don’t have the programme beside me so don’t want to butcher his name. Wasnt listed in the 24. Injured? He was a huge loss.


I say you can’t bring that many other than 24 to the semi.


Interested to see what you think of the Dubs chances next week Alan, can’t deny that they’ve really stepped up since the Laois game and very nearly had KK rattled.




Still overly dependent on Sean Currie for scores. If others don’t chip in we’ll struggle imho.

But we’ll hope for the best. Got to beat a Munster team sometime.


I assume they were carrying two panels, an u17 and an u18 one, there would be an overlap, but I assume a lot of the u17 panel guys weren’t being near even togging out on match days, so keeping them would have no meaning really and I think the lads themselves wouldn’t have expected it. It was sort of unusual in the first place they were being treated as one panel.


@alanoc I don’t think you give the lads a fair review, for a team that is made up of a very young group of players they have handled themselves well in most championship games and only for the lack of concentration in the first 5 minutes against KK they could be a real danger for remaining teams and are in with a serious chance of winning an all Ireland


That would be great


Whatever happens on Sunday there are great signs of a team when they fully develop physically to be a serious threat at u21. Same goes for the u17 team. Serious talent.Dont forget last year’s team too! Fair play to the mgt team. It could not have been easy to run two teams out of a large panel. Some effort. It is important to push on from here and get our management structures roght going forward. It would be a travesty otherwise.


I imagine the under 17 team had a few under 16s also and They were probably too young for the minor panel .


AFAIK there were very few, if any, U16s on the 17 team