Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Laois 1.6 Dublin 1.5 at half time. We have wind in second half but it’s the same old story. No forwards and no freetaker. Only one score from five scoreable placed balls. We are a light team being horsed out of it. Will need a serious effort in the second half. They really should be beating a limited Laois team but you’d be worried going forward.


Losing 1-6 to 1-5 at half time. Not there but you can follow it here:



Still down by a point after ten minutes. Seven wides already in the second half. Just one point. We’re in a real battle here.


1.7 each with 11 minutes left.


Down by one and down to fourteen men. 8 minutes left.


Which dunphy is that?


One up now, Sean Currie


Two up Currie again from play


Dubs 3 ahead


Won by three. Blessed. Laois didn’t score after we lost a man. 1.11 to 1.08.


Sounds like we hit a ton of wides Alan?


It’s like I’ve said Dublins forwards woes willl not go when Cunningham vacates at the season end . The system doesn’t produce good forwards


Hard to judge by one game, but unless this is a vintage crop of Laois players, that wouldn’t be a great result I would have thought. But then again, form book in Leinster minor is hugely unpredictable.


Were you at the game? Sean Currie is a top forward. Showed real leadership when it mattered. Liam Murphy wasn’t great today but is only 17 and is a real classy forward from real good stock. Billy Ryan the same.


Currie is the only one who looked like a forward. Great from play but had a horror day on the frees but was inexplicably left on them. Murphy looked good for the first ten minutes but did nothing after that. The red card was coming all day but again inexplicably the line failed to act. McHugh was very good. Shackled their best player all day. But beyond him and Currie (from play) there was little on offer.

Same inability to perform the basics. Picking, striking, sidelines all poor. Shooting was awful. Eight wides in the first twelve minutes of the second half alone. Many of them hit under no pressure. Laois went one up from the free after the sending off and then incredibly withdrew all their players bar one from the forwards. Invited us on and Currie stood up and won the game for Dublin.

But it’s hard to see where they go from here. If they get KK in then next round then it’s all over. Even if they don’t it seems unlikely they’ll be hurling in August.


Wide count can’t have been far off twenty.


The Younger Currie at 15 got a few scores by the looks of the twitter feed. While a new manager won’t transform the forwards we have available at senior, they will have a lot stronger team available.


Good to get the win that case! Young team, game will have done them good.


Laois hammered Offaly last week. I know Offaly are struggling but still wouldn’t expect to be beaten by Laois by a margin, so I suspect it was s scent Laois team v a young Dublin setup, I’d take the win and move on.


Hopefully. It’ll take a massive improvement to go a lot further.