Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Piece on Hill16 is basically the same article.



L murphy seems to get a few scores other than frees? got 3 on sunday and 4 in the minor semi-final.


He’s been very impressive. Sometimes drifted in and out of games I have seen. If he goes for sixty minutes he can rack up the scores.


How many u17 players were kk missing because they were on their minor team?


I like the phrasing there, ‘inaugural’ - sort of gives us the first of the new age group Leinster minor titles. It isn’t really the inaugural, it is a one off - but that shouldn’t stop us claiming it as such! Especially if they go on and win the All Ireland.


I see another minor team are playing a final on Saturday in the Celtic Challenge Cup. Not sure of the ins and outs of the competition but Dublin are called Dublin Plunkett for some reason and are in the division 3 final against Down



Dublin Plunkett Abú


It’s a competition for non exam students to keep them occupied over the exam break.


How are the minors shaping up for this weekend? Early chance for Kilkenny to get revenge for the u17 final.


KK slaughtered Laois and Wex. We barely beat both. I’d be a little worried about this one.


I hear you but form lines can be deceptive.


Comparing other teams and scores doesn’t work. This Dublin minor team are rated and have put a lot of work in. Good run out with Limerick minors last week too.


Why doesn’t it work? I’d agree if it was a point or two either way but they beat Laois by thirty points. We fell over the line against them. And they beat Wexford by a hell of a lot more than we did too. You always have a chance in a two horse race but we are definite underdogs here. Need to take every chance we are given and that’s been the major problem for this team.


Who will get the early Wexford and Galway support do you think?


We will. Wex. fans would never, ever cheer for KK. Not sure about Galway.


I thought both teams beat wexford by 10 points ish…

You are right that we have missed lots of chances and will be underdogs.


They beat Wex by 12. We won by 3.


Ok my apologies. Must have been the 17s I was thinking or the like.


Means little in my view . I expect Kilkenny to win though . But I expect us to be within 3-6 points

I’ve never bought into winning margins. I’d put more focus on structures, game plans and how you play . That’s why the footballers were so impressive yesterday - the winning margin had nothing to do with it


Galway would cheer for Linfield against us.