Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Were you at it hubie?


Yeah, stronger all over park, training with minors a big advantage today. Look forward to 2 July & go for double in Leinster.


I think KK didn’t play their guys that are on their minor team @Dubcat51 mentioned this I think. Is that correct? Still a great win though…


Am in correct in saying that the football dept wanted this?? that they asked lads to choose and some chose hurling??




Great scoring all round all 6 starting forwards scoring is a major plus.Is there an all-Ireland series in this compition?


AFAIK that’s correct. Football lads not even allowed train a bit of hurling with the club.

Amazing how that single code only policy has backfired for the minor footballers over the last few years.

I’m all in favour of it though!


At minor, 4 from 6 lads, Davy Keigh, Emmet Allan, Luke Walsh & Lee Gannon chose hurling over football. U 17 football managers still asking lads into squad from hurling panel . Talk to u sioon Conor.


Yes football managers made lads choose to answer ur question.


It is strange how the footballers have been effected much worse from it. I actually don’t agree with it to be honest, I think a team progressing well into the season is better then one going out early, even if some of the lads will be lost later on. It is most likely that the players who are going to push through to senior are going to be on the team regardless if footballers are available or not.

I know we lost the likes of Kilkenny, Costello, Lowndes, O Callaghan to football, but I am not sure if anyone else lost out due to them playing minor. It is possible that some benefited from reaching All Ireland finals and the like.

Tipp have tried the same thing, and they have suffered also and I think stopped it.

But… I can see the other side too, and I don’t really know. The above is as much devils advocate stuff as anything else…


Duals don’t work for hurling . If you want technically proficient senior footballers and hurlers they can’t get good devoting 50 percent of their time to another code after 16.
So long may it continue


So what about Mark Schutte then …


But they are doing it anyway - they just aren’t being selected to do it with Dublin.


I see Ryan got 1-3 to follow up his 0-6 in the last round, this kid is not out with the minors, they must feel they have good options to leave him out in this form.


Nice piece in the Herald today about the game.


Are there many of the team under 17 next year .


Not sure but I don’t think so. I think they may have gone almost entirely with 17s as it’s their only chance.


still the furure looks bright ,next appointment as senior manager is so crucial now


It is yugely important!


Doesnt seem to have made it online - could you snap and send me photo?