Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Unlucky Alan - sounds like a very good performance, i wonder have they tidied up the wide count but 20 scores a game is good going.



3-17 against any KK team is a great score.

Could this be the team to win the AI? As far as I know there’s no back door. It’s certainly been straight knock out up to this.

Certainly thus far, bar the wides, they have looked very impressive.


They’ll be in with a shout surely but the team which comes out of Munster will surely be strong and galway are always dangerous at this stage.


Looking back through the thread Dubcat says it’s knock out and we get the Ulster champs. That would help!


Wouldve loved to see that game - any chance of highlights on TSG? Maybe TG4?


This is a great win and I’m hoping they don’t play football at county level too?

Any duals ?

I do believe these players are more technically gifted then previous ones


Last time we beat kk by that amount was a Leinster final 07/08 I think? Well done to the players and management.


Well done very impressive win should see you into final.cork most likely opponents at this level.you have a couple of duals that I know off as managed a 16 div1 football team last year so I know players who are on bith 17s football and hurling(unless they have chosen one over the other now)


Whos the management?? Great win.


Same as minor team, cladillion (spelling) from Lucan I think, or there used to be a forward played for Lucan with that surname, I’m assuming it’s him or related to?


Fintin clandillion from Lucan.
Mick Dwyer from eire og annacarthy
Not sure of the others.


Quite a few of the forwards also out with the minors, who have no dual players, so hopefully most of them are hurlers.


Yeh Fintan, decent player in his day


Any idea of the team? Scorers?


Hopefully dcb will have a report on their site at some point


Cork v galway dublin v antrim


Small report on Hoganstand now…



Seems to be similar names doing the scoring again. Well done again to all involved!


No dual players, all concentrating on hurling.
Brilliant team performance today & all forwards got on scorescheet.