Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


12 o clock on the 18th june in portlaoise.
Kk17s v dubs winners play ulster reps in semi final.


Jeez. Why a Sunday? A game on after it I presume?




Crazy scheduling.

Best of luck to the team.


Big deal being the curtain raiser to Galway v Offaly SHC game. TV dictating the times


You think? Home or away on Saturday afternoon might bring a crowd. There will be absolutely no one there on Sunday at 12. How many people will be there at 2?


Sometimes the GAA can’t win!




Not when they make stupid fixtures they can’t.


Sunday a problem for you Alan?

I think it’s good that minor / under 17 games are put on the undercard of senior games. It give the games a bit of status and a buzz that isn’t there as a stand alone fixture. It used to be the way some years ago, before the Leaving Cert became the be all and end all of teenage years, and was a great way for the regular fan to check out up and coming talent.


Sunday is a problem for me.

There’ll be no buzz whatsoever because there will be nobody there. It’s the curtain raiser to a massacre that neither of the U17 counties are playing in.

It’s also a bit much asking people to pay €20 to see them play.


Agree totally.who is going to pay 20 euro from dublin or kk unless your a parent.ciaran brennan named in kk team.




Great to see them doing well in this tournament. We are playing out minors too which many are not. Looks like we have some very good talent coming through. The minor result will be more of an indicator to where we are at. Well done to all involved.


Go’Wan the Dubs



good to get another leinster title in the bag, 10 point win over kk is not to be sniffed at.


Great scoring from these dubs so far:

Dublin 1-20 Offaly 0-15
Dublin 2-20 Wexford 0-17
Dublin 3-17 Kilkenny 2-10


Sick I couldn’t make that. Sick. Was at the other two games.

Congrats to I’ve a lot of time for this particular management set up. Far more competent than some of the others we’ve had.

Be great if the could keep it going. Always good to nail KK