Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017




Tom Aherne of Ballinteer and Micheal Murphy of Na Fianna were very good in midfield. Murphy of Cuala played very well. Ryan was impressive but I’d still hold off on declaring him as the future of Dublin hurling! He still has work to do. Grogan took a nasty hit and had to come off. To me it looked like a serious ankle injury and I hope it’s not broken.

Over all a poor first half performance was followed by a great second half one, Team seems more balanced than the minors, If they can play for sixty minutes and cut out the stupid frees they could take anyone.

Credit to the ref. As good this week as last week’'s was bad.


Billy Ryan got 6 from play? Or did he hit a few frees?


From play. Decent scores but he was n ver under major pressure. A talent no doubt but seriously needs to go looking for his own ball. If he learns that we’re on to something.


No harm in having elements of his game to work on, sticking the thing over the bar is a good trait to have. God knows we’ve seen enough players miss when under no pressure! :smile:


Looks like we will be playing you at 17 18s and 21s.3 good games to look forward to.ciaran brennan not playing tomorrow(so im told)as he is with the irish u16s soccer in castlebar.hopefully he hasnt chosen soccer and will be back for game v yourselves if we beat offaly.on another note mock fennelly and ger awlyard both played for their clubs.awlyatd hit 3-1 on his return v tullatoan.mick fennelly played for shamrocks on their win over james stephens.


Only 3-1? :yum:


How someone who can score points for fun gets criticised is beyond me


He must be doing something right, disappointed official site doesn’t have scorers, Desmond seem d to get a few?


I suggested he needed to look for his own ball. I didn’t accuse him of murder.

Desmond and Murphy from Cuala battle for their own ball and can score. Ryan was inclined to sit back and wait until the ball came to him. It did, a lot, but that won’t happen every day and the lad may need to sort that element of his game out. It may also be why Desmond and Murphy start for the minors while Ryan does not. The young lad looks like a talent but there are others ahead of him from what I have seen and stats sometimes don’t tell the whole truth of a game or a performance. I presume that’s not going to offend too many people.


That’s fair enough but he’s only 16 . If anything the U17 grade is going to make it even harder to develop players for adult hurling because the players are so young . I kind of get the u20 thing but the u17 just makes no sense in my view .
If anything minor should have gone to u19 and u21 should just have been scrapped


No need to scrap competitions, just limit the numbers of teams plads are eligible to play for in one season. i think i read that senior players will not be on u21 panels from next year, or did i just make that up?


Its true of football anyway (u20), not sure about hurling - but I would assume so.


Logic would then dictate that u21 competitions could be played on the sae day as senior games - but don’t hold yezzer breath.


I was at the game Billy Ryan was excellent and took some great scores. The point of him waiting on the handy ball is a bit harsh. He made some really intelligent runs off the ball to create space for his scores.


Anyone know where and when u17 v kk will be played.


Not fixed yet afaik.


Will be interesting to see if we start ciaran brennan after he missed semi to play for ireland u16 soccer.


June 18 before a semi final, possibly the winners on Sundays next day out.