Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Under 17s

Eddie Gibbons
Andrew Dunphy, Kevin Burke, Tommy Kinnane
Lee Gannon, Enda O’Donnell, Herkus Sviglinskas
Tom Aherne, Mícheál Murphy
Mark Grogan, Billy Ryan, Kevin Desmond
Liam Murphy, Kevin Kirwan, Luke McDwyer


Down 4-3 after fifteen minutes. Pitch wet. They’re better than their team last week. We’re lacking in intensity and forward power.


10-7 to the them. Just half time. They have a lethal free taker and we’re giving him plenty of chances.


11-8 at half time.


Thanks for the updates alan.


They got first point of second half but suddenly we’re awake. Blitzed them for 1.4. Up by a goal after seven minutes.


woah! - great stuff!


Got to stop with the stupid frees though. Killing us. Another one there. Two up.


nothing more frustrating than conceding silly frees and gifting a pile of scores. Well actually silly wides are just as frustrating.


We’re not hitting many wides thankfully. A goal up again.


Six up now with fifteen to go. Hurling very well.


Sounds like a great second half so far, keep it going lads!


Up by five. Seven to go.


2.20 to 0.16. Just over. Superb second half. Certainly wasn’t expecting it after the first!

2.12 to 0.5 to Dublin in the second half. And no wind to speak of.


All over. 2.20 to .18.


Great stuff, fine score to run up, lads have hopefully clicked now


Well done to the lads.
Also, thanks and well done to Alan for the updates. We all know that your opinions can be divisive but they are what they are, your opinions. But your passion for our games cannot be questioned and your updates are invaluable to lots of us. Thanks again.
And well done again to the lads.


Good stuff. Who was our stand outs Alan


Wexford can’t really beat us at this grade


I’ll come back to you. In O’Toole Park now for 16 football championship final between Vins and Boden :grimacing: