Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


No offence Iomaint - and your love of the game is apparent, but …


I hear ya loud and clear!!


They weren’t better and Cody’s Kilkenny would have razed them to the ground in my view


I actually think the rules have to evolve a bit to catch up with changes on the field. Because of the power and athleticism that players now have they can pick off scores from 70 or 80 metres and further. There are possibly too many scores now, and not enough general play where guys can show skills. The majority of plays now seem to be just 4 or 5 touches between puckouts. So there is a puck out, a possession, handpass, maybe another pass and then a shot.

Also stuff like over carrying on your own 65 isn’t a big enough sin to result in a score against you, but it will now 90% of the time as the big teams all have free takers who can score from there. I do think scores shouldn’t be allowed directly from some class of frees.

But to the substantive point above - I thought it was a given that Offaly were one of the most naturally skilful teams of all time. Some of them were big men too, making their ability on the ball all the more impressive.


You did not answer my point. On those skills, I think Offaly were better. Let’s leave it now. We don’t agree.


I did answer . Kilkenny were better in my view


Your on a wind up here😃


Kk 2011/12 had walsh jj tj henry fast eddie richie power richie hogan larkin shall I go on.skill coming out of every pore in thier bodies


Nah it was all fitness and power apparently. Sure what would you need skill for. 20 Major and a few guinness will sort that out


The Offaly hurling story, all that stuff about ‘we are off the beer since Tuesday’ etc has grown whiskers over the years. But they were a fabulous side to watch. Does anyone remember the 2000 semi final when they beat Cork? I can still see the overhead striking and the ball moving up and down the pitch with hardly any frees or stoppages. The game has certainly changed, in some ways for the better. Killkenny hammered that Offaly team in the final and that was the end of them really. Offaly were great and lovely to watch but nobody plays like that anymore.
Actually thanks to Wikipedia the game I saw was 1999 and I see Cork won 19 points to 16 - but it still was a memorable game!


For my tuppence worth, I think in terms of basic skills of controlling the ball, first-time striking, moving the ball quickly, etc. certain Offaly players were hard to match. The style played by Offaly was very easy on the eye, probably because they had a good few players who were at the top when it came to such skills. We’re obviously talking about the likes of Troy, Whelahan, the Pilkingtons, etc and some from the team of the 80’s - Brendan Keeshan and the other small wing-back whose name escapes me. To off-set that, they had players who could look after themselves like Ger Coughlan, Pat Delaney, Padraig Horan, Joachim Kelly, Michael Duignam and then guys like Liam Currams with great engines. These players weren’t maybe as skillful as the likes of Troy but were nonetheless integral to Offaly’s successes.

Another fantastic, skillful, Offaly hurler who comes to mind was the late Pat Carroll, who died prematurely. The way he carried on playing the game in duels with a certain Galway defender of that era was amazing, given the filth dished out onto him.

That said, hurling is a game that’s about a lot more than pure hand-eye coordinated skills. Like lots of sports, it comes down to teamwork, character, physical and mental strength, etc. Lump in pure skill with these other assets and it’s clear as day as to who were the greatest hurlers of any generation, and nearly all played under a certain Brian Cody.

As a final word, someone mentioned Michael Duignan’s dirty stroke on Clare’s Forde as being the most memorable thing about Duignan. While you cannot forget such incidences, I think it’s a bit unfair to put that over his better moments. Let’s not forget that Tommy Walsh was prone to the odd dirty stroke here and there, largely getting away with it, most of the time. But he was a fantastic, skillful and wholehearted hurler too, and that’s what I’d rather remember the likes of Walsh, Duignan, etc.


Thank god for Wiki, it keeps us all half way correct! But that was some game right enough. I actually thought of it after our AI semi with Cork a few years ago. That was a different type of game because hurling has changed - but it had the same similarities as regards being free flowing - in hindsight, that really was an incredible game of hurling. I remember thinking at half time that Dublin have never played this well and I was worried if there was another 35 minutes of the same quality in them.


Anyone know what time the U17 game on Saturday is at? (It is Saturday isn’t it?).


who knows, it’s under the radar!


Match report from the minor match:



1 p.m. in Parnell Park.


Cheers Alan…

Yep - you are right Tayto, v under the radar indeed. Still a nice little double header with the minor footballers.


If i was in dublin and not working, i’d be there. Best of luck to the lads!


Yeah that was myself who mentioned that dirty stroke by MD. I probably phrased it wrong. In fact I really liked him as a hurler and he scored some memorable scores. I think it was yourself who mentioned that great point at the end of the 98 AI. It’s just that any time he would come up in conversation, that moment with Forde is instantly the first thought on my mind. That’s all I meant.