Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


I think you are exaggerating a little. Eoin O Donnell, Cian Boland, Rian McBride, Shane Barrett, Feargal Whitely, Chris Crummy, Cian O Callaghan were all strong minors on strong minor teams and we kept them.


Agreed but it’s forwards we need and we list Kilkenny , Costello and o Callaghan . Team them up with Danny and a fit Chris Bennett and all of a sudden things get interesting


Johnnie Troy, brilliant to watch.
Michael Duignan’s point at the death in the '98 All-Ireland final is as good a point you’ll ever see.


It off topic but Troy was the finest ‘stick-man’ that I have ever seen. Many so-called ‘great’ hurlers would not be fit to go for a puck around with him. Sadly, those first-time hurling skills are being lost, sacrificed on the altar of the ‘possession game’ which we have borrowed from soccer. Terribly sad.


Saw three lads (prob 14/15) in a triangle pucking a sliotar to each other last Thursday during Vins-NF double header. They would not have looked out of place in Nowlan Park. Effortless skill. Great to see.


Troy’s skill and vision was second to none in the history of the game. Unfortunately we’ll never see a player like this again. The modern game just doesn’t facilitate the likes of him.
The way that Offaly team used the ground game was just incredible. It wasn’t just smash, bang, wallop. There was some sort of telepathic understanding between them.
On Duignan, good a player as he was, the most memorable moment for me was that awful stroke on Forde v Clare. Filthy.


‘The modern game just doesn’t facilitate the likes of him’. You are spot on. But there is something dreadful about that. I saw him play centre forward in one match and he didn’t try to catch a single ball. All stick. Magic.


In my opinion the finest pure hurling side of all time. Troy doesn’t get enough credit for his unbelievable hurling talent


The Dooleys could hurl better than their namesakes could sing and Brian Whelahan was some man for one man



People will bang on about Cody and KK but in terms of pure skill that Offaly team had more pure hurlers than any of Cody’s teams.


Apparently huge chunks of their training was working in groups of 3 striking working the middle man or groups of 4 man on each end line and a man on each 45 simply striking from hand and the ground. Simply working the accuracy of the striking the sharpness of the striking and the first touch control. No magic no cones dotted around like a maze


Your having a😃


In my opinion? Yes. In terms of pure skill. A fair bit of Cody’s style is bullying teams into submission. Not that they didn’t have skill, but I’d take Joe and Johnny Dooley, Troy, Kinahan, Whelahan and one or two others ahead of an awful lot of them.


Massive agreement with that post Alan. Cody did what he felt he had to do…to stop Clare. Many people forget that. I remember John Power from John Locke’s saying their aim was to beat Clare. Remember that Offaly beat Cats by 10 points in 1995 and still lost to Clare. I have argued on here and other sites that hurling is going in the wrong direction. If there is no room for the most skilful lads, (John Troy would be hauled over the coals by any current manager for risking wasting possession by hurling on instinct), we need to rethink the situation.


It didn’t really in my opinion . The myth is created because it suits the agenda of them having fags before games and a few pints the night before .
Fine side but would be beaten out the gate by the 4 in a row Kilkenny team.
Tommy Walsh , JJ , Carey , shefflin , Brennan , Larkin , Tyrell , power x2 were not inferior stickmen in any shape or form to that Offaly team .


No. What Alan said did not mention or pander to the myths about cigarettes and pints. The Offaly lads themselves, when asked about 1995, stated that they knew they would beat Kilkenny due to the downpour because they, Offaly were better hurlers. Yes JJ and Tommy were class. Shefflin was a fantastic free taker who 'got the best out of himself ’ (B. Cody), Fast Eddie was fast and DJ was brilliant…but that Offaly team were the best stick-men that ever played the game. They did not rely on speed or aggression. Look at Martin Hanamy. Unreal. Kevin Martin. Sid. Troy. Etc. They could hurl on the ground, in the air, off the hurl…hook…block etc. Kilkenny just could not do that. They were not trained to. It was not their plan. They wanted possession. They had the skills for that. Offaly wanted to move the ball as fast as possible. They had a huge skillset to make that happen. Offaly were better.


If you took whelehan , Johnny Dooley and Troy out the rest were good hurlers . It’s pure mythology in my view a lot of it . They needed a referee to beat Clare in 1998- people forget that
They lost to a Clare team in 1995 with a very average forward line outside O Connor
When you stack the results up the record isn’t as good as the myth in my view


They lost to an insanely fit Clare team that blew many teams out of the water over a few years. Say what you will. I am content in the knowledge that they were exceptional in the skills of hurling and are recognised as such. Kilkenny needed to rely on speed and power…and the tugging and messing, as well as fielding and hurling ability. Offaly just simply had a wider repertoire of skills. It’s not a myth. I wish hurling was still played that way. Many others do too.


i think ti’s a disrespect to that Kilkenny side to say it was relying on speed and power. Likes of JJ would clean out all of those Offaly forwards in my view.
Some would say exactly the same about the current Dublin football team.


You are missing the point. That Offaly team were better at first-time hurling than any team Kilkenny have produced. They could pull in the air, on the ground, the half volley etc. They were just better. It’s a fact. Deal with it and stop trying to pick a litany of KK hurlers that could possibly have beaten them in lala land. The very skills that Offaly had, Kilkenny have eschewed for 20 years. This is hurling’s loss.