Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


big improvement from the first game?


Kilkenny are a good side but we can definitely give them a run for it . Being in crokes park probably won’t help


I would be happy enough any year if we are up there at minor level, winning it isn’t the most vital thing (as is evidenced in football where are record at minor is cat, but excellent at the more important u21). And in general we are there or thereabouts at minor hurling. Competing strongly across two codes at minor level is a very difficult thing to do.


Surely, with our playing population we should expect to be seriously competitive at minor hurling and football every year?


Precisely and saying anything else is a cop out.


We have reached 8 all Ireland semi finals in the last 11 years as well as 2 finals. I’d say that’s competitive. It would be better if we won a couple but it’s still shows a decent level of consistency.


People forget that it is streets ahead of where we used to be. Of course there’s room for improvement.


Makes no odds when you lose the cream to football. because at senior level it’s the cream who make the difference


yep, very hard to rival the top teams in that scenario.


Congrats to the players and management on the win v Wexford.
Great to be in another Leinster Final & hopefully with a little luck they can do it.
Its great for the players as they have a long summer of hurling at a high level now!


I think the difference between what I said (being there or thereabouts) and the above, being seriously competitive, is maybe minimal enough. Is being there or thereabouts not roughly similar to being seriously competitive?

But away from the vagaries of language, I think the whole dual thing is very interesting. I suspect that when you are fishing in the same pool for players for two different codes you are disproportionately weakening the top level. In a small sample, if you had 100 players and you were taking out 15 hurlers and 15 footballers, in theory you are picking from 50 for each sport. But is that the reality? In any group of players there are a percentage who are going to be the fittest, fastest, strongest etc. and it is actually this group you are splitting in two. So of 100 players, 10 are going to be superior athletes and assuming an even split each code is going to lose 50% of the better players. Now there is probably more streaming now then before, so that is not totally the case - but basically my point is that yes numbers are very important, but they don’t tell the whole story. If they did Cork would clean up in Munster and Galway in Connacht (football).


Last year was the first time we kept the best players from a good minor team
So we are in year two now


And when you consider that a county the size of Offaly could win in both, nothing makes sense!!


Hopefully that will push us on, i have doubts that it’ll improve the standard of player coming through a whole lot tbh and is this not just down to the management any given year, it’s not policy from DCB?


In the history of the GAA I think that was the most amazing achievement of all. I don’t think any county has ever punched so far above it’s weight as Offaly did in the 80s and 90s.


Such a shame to see them languishing where they are now, that Offaly hurling team was class.


My favourite ever hurling team to watch.


They are possibly at their natural level now given the size of the population, what they did before was way above what they should have been able to do. I doubt they will ever hit that level again unfortunately.


Fair point, especially for a dual county.


Mine too. Beyond skilful. .