Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Yes, but it is both ways. Based on the anecdotal evidence here when they are younger it is all games and no training, and it seems when they are older it is all training and no games.

I am not sure any young lad would complain about playing games. Sure they maybe aren’t getting the most efficient recovery periods, but they are young lads - they probably wouldn’t be getting it anyway with commuting to school / college etc.

I am sure there is an issue here, but it disturbs me a little how everything in the GAA is perceived as completely disastrous and complained of in the strongest possible terms (check out pundits rants from time to time on the Sunday Game). It is a game, it just isn’t meant to be taken so seriously, especially at club / college level. If people think it is too much, play less. The only thing people are agreed on in relation to fixtures, black cards, structures, underage etc. is that it is all terribly wrong and that the committees etc. are out of touch. Yet, when asked for their ideal situation, everyone has a different solution. As far as I can see everyone is trying to find workable solutions, young lads are playing away, the standard is unbelievable (hurling especially is on another planet compared to years ago) and people are generally enjoying it. It’s not like we have Chinese gamblers manipulating games through Latvian hurlers or the like, now that would be a real problem (never happen in Ireland though - oh what?).




I might be wrong here but I’m fairly sure Gannon done all his hurling in the half forward line with Whitehall which makes his selection at wing back very surprising, surely his club mate ODonnell was the one to come in here?


I’d agree. Cannot fathom how O’Donnell is not starting on this team. Especially as they are so light and lacking physicality.


best of luck to the lads today.


Good luck to all


Team started as named.


6-5 Dublin after 13 minutes. Wexford haven’t scored from play. Absolutely shocking refereeing. Ref simply refuses to let teams play. Blowing for nothing.


Ar we playing against the breeze in the first half.


Turning into a carbon copy of the last day. 7-5 up but have now had five wides in a row.


Hard to know. It’s swirling. The wides have nothing to do with the breeze though.


10-6 at half time. From 1 to 9 we have been brilliant but the game could be all but over but for terrible inaccuracy again.

Ref is poor but if we lose this it’ll be our own fault. Wexford are desperate.


15-8 after ten minutes of second half. Dublin’s to lose.


18 to 1.9 after 16 minutes. More nervy than it should be.


20 to 1.9 after twenty minutes. Very good second half performance so far.


20 to 1.12 with two to go. Finishing poorly.


Only a goal in it. Just into injury time.


Won by three.


Huge win, guarantees a long summer and keeps Wexford in their place a bit. Regardless of the senior situation, underage is still very decent.

Should have won that by more, and KK hammered Laois, but we are still in there.


Maddeningly and frustratingly inconsistent. Should have won well. Didn’t. Great to get two extra games but a repeat display like today’s, which was very similar to the last day and against similarly poor opposition, will see us get a hiding in Croke Park. I think Wex. only got 1-1 from play. Horrible refereeing but the closeness of the score was mostly our own fault. Grogan and Currie are potential future seniors but after that there is a real inconsistency in the rest. There was a lot to admire but there’s an awful lot to work on.