Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


I think there is players on both panels some of the u17s played by in t he minor win over laois .


Dublin? Absolutely there are players on both panels. A number of 17s started both games for dublin.


I don’t understand why minor wasnt left the way it was and u21 not just scrapped


Yes, we are. But I meant guys who are U17 now and would be U18 next year, won’t get the chance to play a proper minor style championship. Sure there are a few guys who will play this year, one year ahead of their time. But the majority only get one year at minor, so a lot of the guys who will be U18 next year will lose out.


Scrap fitzgibbon instead.


I’m guessing the idea was to take the pressure off lads during leaving cert year - but as usual with the GAA its not thought through terribly well. Could they have pushed it out to u19 instead and u21 out to u22?


Wex and Laois won today so it looks like Wexford in the semis. Presume we Laois again.


Dublin minors play Wexford in Leinster semi in Parnell on May 13. Laois play KK
A much improved Dublin performance, from Laois game, needed


Well KK beat Wexford by 13. We’re going to need to approach that or the Leinster Final could make for painful viewing. That’s presuming we can actually beat Wexford. We’ll know where we stand anyway.


Fitz is a fine competition that produces high quality hurling at a time with little to no GAA played. If we get rid of that then why not the Harty/schools competitions as well? Doubt the colleges/players themselves would want to get rid of it.

Changing to U-17 should lead to less clashes with Harty level. I would have no problem with them getting rid of U-17/U-20 competitions completely so lads can just play club/schools GAA but ultimately we are ignoring the real problem, which is a bloated inter-county calendar that goes on forever for money purposes and kills the clubs in the process.


It’s going to lead to enormous clashes between club, school and county in Dublin.


I hear Davy Keogh (Thomas Davis) is back in action for the minors after a serious hand injury. He’s a fine hurler and sure to make a big impression against Wexford next Saturday


It was a flippant response to the call to scrap the u21 level - given a choice between the two i know which i’d keep. fitzgibbon might be a decent standard but no one cares about it except to see how their county/club players get on at that level.

Ideally fitzgibbon would be a competition for non-county players - freeing up calendar time for better club and county seasons.


I know (think) I am in a minority of one here, but I think the over playing of players is over emphasised. I know every January we have Nial Moyna in every newspaper explain micro fibres or whatever it is he talks about. But in all fairness, I think young lads can play two or three games a week without a huge issue. Sure they can’t do it 12 months of the year, and they can’t be training the other four days - but is there a huge difference between playing games and flogging yourself training on winter fields.

I suspect in some cases the issue is that managers just want sole control of their players, rather then being concerned about them playing too much.


but the problem is the calendar.

If lads can play 52 games a year then make those 52 games for club and 1 other team. club and county/college.

52 games divided by 2 teams = a good season for each team.
52 games divided by 10 teams = a rubbish season.

I’m over simplifying the thing here for illustrative purposes but the point stands, the more teams a lad plays on, the less time each team has with that player and the more rubbish each competition is.


The issue is training. Not games. Less teams means less training.


I’d invite you to look at the burnout studies freely available on the web. It’s utterly revolting in my opinion the abuse of players in the 17-21 bracket


Not necessarily true . If you play 4 games a week that’s worse then 4 training sessions . You run further in games then training . The hits are harder
It’s a popular misconception in this age bracket that take away the training and the issue goes away
It’s games and training and reducing the teams these players are involved
Some players as you will know Alan are playing

  • schools hurling
    Schools football
    Minor hurling club
    Minor football club
    County minor team
    Dublin colleges hurling team

And that’s before you go near smaller clubs who have minors playing adult as well . Or universities or dual county players

Its a disgrace


Don’t forget the Under 17 team.

Some lads are playing so many matches they don’t get time to train.


That also, the training to games ratio is all over the place as well.