Minor Hurling Leagues 2019


A decent result for Naomh Mearnog in Division 2 of the League.

Naomh Mearnog 2-22 Round Towers Clondalkin 3-5


Div.1 could be fierce. Lucan are very strong


Ballyboden beat Td 1-12 to 3-4 today in mhl1. Poor conditions with both defenses on top throughout. Adam Waddick (dub minor) marking Pearce Christie (dub 20s) was a good tussle with both players playing well.

Any other Mhl1 results ?


Vins best Raheny. Don’t know the score.


Raheny 4-3 — 3-14 Vins


Minor dub footballers not allowed play club hurling/fball until after champ. Disappointing with 24 days to go until their first champ game. There is only so much cotton wool these managers can use🙄

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It should not be allowed full stop

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Who is the genius this year

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Clubs should simply withdraw players. Totally ridiculous.

And it’s not the players they’re worried about. It’s their own egos.


Time for clubs to back control
2 weeks is more than enough time for County to enforce those type of rules

If all the clubs just played the players it would send a strong message


The problem is the same in 21s these charlatans should be run out of Dublin teams


Surely county board should instruct that U17 mentor that he cannot do this and if he refuses SACK him…


The county board don’t give a rats about club competition. Especially minor


This is a total Joke players not allowed play club games at minor level?? What will they play next year ?? used and abused clubs should withdraw their players there’s a 6 day rule there for a reason


Play them it’s the only way to take back control of this there’s rules in place for this 6days that’s it who do these clowns managing MINOR teams think they are it’s unfair on the kids (yes I said kids) and puts them under unfair criticism and pressure from their mates


The problem is that the disconnect is created here and now , from the outset you are being told your club doesn’t matter WE are all that matters, we are creating a monster, the most successful counties DONT do this Kilkenny minors batter each other , Kerry minor league I was told their players play ( open to being wrong ) telling a 17 year old your elite and nothing else matters disgraceful

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Agree and worse still Most of them are 16.


U.16 hurlers involved on minor panel where released to play today for Clubs.

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That word released I hate Liam and I value your posts and opinions…it speaks volumes for the hold they think they have on club players. It’s not you I’m annoyed with.


Who is it?