Minor Football Championship 2017


4-4 bloody hell. Unlike the others above I hope he goes to oz. :scream:


I can see him going. Top AFL clubs will be tripping over themselves I reckon. Might do a Kennelly


He’s a forward though. Different game. Different ball.

I think he stays.


Actually don’t want to see him go but wouldn’t begrudge him.
A serious talent 4-4 and set up another goal.
I know minor success is no guarantee but if they transfer it to U20 success there is a serious Kerry team coming down the line.


He’s no chance of making it as a forward in AFL
Athletes from GAA make the best AFL players . He’s a footballer … unfortunately


He’s also a physical specimen for a minor, wins every ball at that level.


In 6 games he scored 8-41, scary stuff.


Can we do some crowd funding type thingy to send him to Oz


Tadgh Kennelly is looking after that :wink:


Get him a job in Mc Donald’s /Supermacs with discounted staff meals …


Shows you how bad the dublin management were in not beating derry.making playets choose between football and hurling really backfired.


Saved us a pasting in the final . Might be a blessing


It’s the way forward.

We were far better off not being in that AI final. That was embarrassing. And we would have been embarrassed too.