Minor Football Championship 2017


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Really disappointing and don’t like to slag off young lads but the game intelligence and naivety was pretty awful.


Our guys played as individuals, Derry played as a team, they deserved to win


Only young lads and it’s a learning curve. but they squandered a lot of chances going for goal in second half and Derry punished them.
More composure and we could have won that easily, but Derry to be fair stripped us of the ball when we over carried when in very good positions to put up a few scores.


Our line didn’t seem to react to what was happening on the field. Over carrying of the ball and then losing it was happening throughout the game and wasn’t addressed f


True , a few lads just jogging around with about 10 mins to go was baffling also. One had only come on as a sub. Where as Derry lads were bursting a gut.
But they are young and will learn from this.


Exactly how I saw it. Could have been a final game in blue for a lot of them unless they cop on very quickly to what’s required at this level. The lack of effort from some when the game was still there to be won was baffling.


I think for the available talent the last 4 was about right . On an overall basis I think the management did a good job . The defence has looked shaky throughout and it was just waiting for the forwards to misfire which happened today
None of the subs improved the team so an off day all round


Lads I wouldn’t know any of you as players over the years at all. But please do tell me if you have achieved any more than the lads playing today


Watching them since u13 dev squad. Your club have some lovely footballers there. Doran a smashing player, ODea also. Will they get a sniff of senior yet with all the talent up in Mobhi Rd?


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Will be interesting to see if Na Fianna will the Club championship given that they had 5 starters on the team…


He did have Travelling Derry support in inverted commas. Lots of red and white flag waving for Derry from Tyrone supporters.


Kerry cruising to four in a row inside fifteen minutes.

If Clifford stays here he’s going to be haunting teams for the next fifteen years.


I would love to see him stay, as bad as it would be for Dublin. The kid is something else.


Some hiding for Derry. 6-17 to 1-08. Cliffford got 4-4