Minor Football Championship 2017


Sarcasm detectors off lads it was obvious that the Tyrone support were getting behind Derry.
How would it even be feasible for them to have 20k supporters.


It’s becoming a serious issue. Only one Leinster out of the last four if you count this year’s U17s. While as you point out Kerry are going for four in a row. At some point this will come back on us. We’re beginning to look like KK underage. Only worse!


The GAA community in Derry is tiny as over half the county is Protestant . It’s a massive achievement for them getting to the final

James Doran will be a Dublin senior I think . Hard to make a case for many others


Derry were getting no support where I’m sitting. I don’t think they like each other at all. Or so I’m told!


Derry the better side , some poor handling and decisions on shots . Tackling could improve as well.


Point I’m making is there is some quality there but kickouts selections bad going for a point 1 minute to go brain dead missing 5 easy points bad


Were they though


Poor standard imo.missed to many chances and gave away silly scoreable frees.cant see derry having any chance v kerry


Were Derry the better side?

Absolutely. Totally dominant in the last fifteen minute when it mattered most.


Eh they weren’t


Then you and I were watching different games. We scored twice in the last seventeen minutes. They scored six and controlled midfield and the half back line.


Are you at a club match how any wides did dublin have like seriously


We were awful . Two points in 17 mins from the same player . Ref gave us 7 extra minutes and we scored once !


We were Bart and so we’re derry


Two to three players have a good chance . Doran being the most likely I think . Defence not the strong point of this team though


Kerry will walk it


Didn’t look that fit now that is easy for me to say but …


You do realise wides are an aspect of a team playing badly?

And we’d few enough of anything in the last fifteen minutes.


Total systems failure in last 15. Let’s hope we don’t see another one of those in sky blue today.


I’m at march don’t want to get into this