Minor Football Championship 2017


Never got his kicking back from minor level . He looked like the next alan Brogan at minor level


Ah it’s generally shite.

Was at a game 2/3 years ago and skill level was brutal especially the kicking. I use to really enjoy it but after going to a few games I got turned off by it.


Don’t agree with that at all. I watch the game regularly. Kicking skills miles ahead of ours. Because they actually have to kick the ball to benefit fully from the rules.


Sorry I’m with parish the amount of wasted kicks is unbelievable


The ball might have something to do with that.

Compare how many times a ball is kicked with Gaelic Football?

There’s no comparison.


We need an oval ball for the GAH Alan!


On a string


What I wonder about Clifford is, how does he find the time to train, with all the young ones he must be swimming in???


Maybe he’ll be glad to to Oz …


It’s a great game for sure. There would be no place for the likes of The Gooch or Jamie Clarke in it though. But I guess they are getting less common in GAA too. But as a game, I do really like watching it.


Don’t know if that’s true. If you look at someone like Eddie Betts, Daniel Wells, Cyril Rioli. Small enough but lethal in front of goal.

There’s a snobishness about it in some GAA circles but it is an extremely skillful game. And as I mentioned earlier it rewards kicking, something Gaelic football simply does not do.


Different point entirely, but someone made the point here a while ago that the texture of a GAA football is very wrong for wet days. It needs more dimples or something on the ball to give it more grip. Catching is ok, but it slides off the foot totally differently when wet.


After exhortations to open my old insular mind, I watched last years Grand Final from start to finish and it didn’t change my opinion a whit. Apeball. Dreadful game.
Now! The idea of some kind of ‘dimpled ball’ for Gaelic Football makes great sense considering it rains a bit in Ireland. I’d loved to have played with a ‘dimpled ball’, I’d never have spilled it.
There are ball makers out there who could figure that stuff out.CIT,DIT,GIT, MIT etc.
Farsight on the forum. Brilliant.


Can’t say I’ve hugely enjoyed watching it . As said previously it’s seen best in a highlights package . The best live sport in Australia is rugby league .


I’ll say it just once Fock Australia and Fock Aussie rules


I’m living abroad in Europe and playing with the local GAA and AFL teams. I think GAA is a lot more skilfull than AFL, and we can pick their sport up quickerthan they pick ours up.
More kicking in AFL but it’s also easier to kick the ball straight due to the flight of the ball. Even still, I find that they kick a lot more speculative 50/50 kicks, whereas in GAA we kick to our teammate’s advantage more.
Worth mentioning that despite the AFL team here having a bigger squad and playing more competitive games, we hammer them in the International Rules (which is essentially AFL with a round ball) every year.


Kicking is not necessarily all that skillful, not if you’re just hoofing the ball as far as you can. Like old matches on tg4’s GAA gold.


Have we a good chance of making the final?


What’s the injury prospects like in Aussie Rules? I’d imagine it’s tough. It’s not for me, primarily because a kicking orientated sport with an oval ball isn’t a great idea imo.

Re Clifford, I hope he stays. Probably the most impressive underage forward I’ve seen. Super talent.


I haven’t seen enough of him really, up to this Kilkenny was the best I have seen at minor. Although going much further back, Tommy Conroy was an absolute stand out at minor on not great Dublin minor teams.