Minor Football 2018


Why would you be of the impression that something went to the Crokes lads heads?


A lot of people telling them that they have the Championship wrapped up during the group stages

I heard the players talking about how great it will be to do the double back in the club after the Hurling win

Not giving out, these things happen, but they had smoke blown up them


Whitehall beat Ballyboden by one point this morning. Great win for our minors and first minor A title since 1984.


Well done to Whitehall. Great achievement.


The goal which won the game was outstanding and came after an extended period of dominance by Boden.In the last couple of minutes Boden failed to score or work a score from two frees to take it to ET.
A smashing game and a tough one to lose.Great achievement for Whitehall.



Great ball kicked in. Man to man battle for it. The forward wins, lays off a great pass which is brilliantly dispatched to the net.

Don’t see it nearly often enough.


Looking at it again it really was a sweet strike.And what a time to do it!
Looking at it again the forward who won the ball by jumping and breaking the ball (to himself) from over the head of the defender in front of him made the goal.